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  1. cant
  2. castigation
  3. carnivorous
  4. carcinogenic
  5. carrion
  1. a pious phraseology; jargon of criminals
    (Angry that the president had slashed the education budget, we dismissed his speech on the importance of education as mere cant. lời đạo đức giả)
  2. b causing cancer
    Many supposedly harmless substances have been revealed to be carcinogenic.
  3. c punishment; severe criticism
    Sensitive even to mild criticism, Woolf could not bear castigation that she found in certain reviews.
  4. d meat-eating
    The lion is a carnivorous animal.
  5. e rotting flesh of a dead body
    Buzzards are nature's scavengers; they eat the carrion left behind by other predators.

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  1. discord
    Some people seem to enjoy the cacophony of an orchestra that is tuning up.
  2. lurch; sway from side to side (lao dao)
    The taxicab careened wildly as it rounded the corner.
  3. map-maker
    Though not a professional cartographer, Tolkien was able to construct a map of the fictional world.
  4. coax; wheedle (dỗ ngọt để ai đó làm lợi cho bản thân)
    I will not be cajoled into granting your wish.
  5. destruction of life (sự tàn sát)
    The carnage that can be caused by atomic warfare adds to the responsibilities of our statesmen.

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  1. candorany ulcerous sore; any evil (bệnh viêm loét, mục nát)
    Poverty is a canker in the body politic; it must be cured.


  2. catastrophecalamity
    The Johnstown flood was a catastrophe.


  3. capillaryhaving a very fine bore


  4. catalystagent that brings about a chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged
    Many chemical reactions cannot take place without the presence of a catalyst.


  5. cantern v. gallop
    phi nuoc kieu