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  1. carat
  2. capitulate
  3. carnivorous
  4. carping
  5. camaraderie
  1. a surrender
    The enemy was warned to capitulate or face annihilation.
  2. b meat-eating
    The lion is a carnivorous animal.
  3. c good-fellowship-friendship
  4. d unit of weight for precious stones; measure of fineness of gold
    He gave her a diamond that weighed three carats and was mounted in an eighteen-carat gold band.
  5. e fault-finding; captious; critical
    (Welcoming constructive criticism, Lexy appreciated her editor's comments, finding them free of carping.)

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  1. fickle; incalculable
    The storm was capricious and changed course constantly.
  2. any ulcerous sore; any evil (bệnh viêm loét, mục nát)
    Poverty is a canker in the body politic; it must be cured.
  3. whim
    She was an unpredictable creature, acting on caprice, never taking thought of the consequences.
  4. agent that brings about a chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged
    Many chemical reactions cannot take place without the presence of a catalyst.
  5. like a corpse; pale
    From his cadaverous appearance, we could see how the disease had ravaged him.

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  1. castigationpunishment; severe criticism
    Sensitive even to mild criticism, Woolf could not bear castigation that she found in certain reviews.


  2. callousyouthful; immature
    In that youthful movement, the leaders were only a little less callow than their immature followers.


  3. cajoleone of the hereditary classes in Hindu society, social stratification; prestige (giai cấp)
    (The differences created by caste in India must be wiped out if true democracy is to prevail in that country.)


  4. carafedestruction of life (sự tàn sát)
    The carnage that can be caused by atomic warfare adds to the responsibilities of our statesmen.


  5. caninea 1.shrewd, smart;2. thrifty