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  1. cadence
  2. carcinogenic
  3. capillary
  4. cant
  5. capricious
  1. a causing cancer
    Many supposedly harmless substances have been revealed to be carcinogenic.
  2. b rhythmic rise and fall (of words or sounds); beat
    Marching down the road, the troops sang out, following the cadence set by the sergeant.
  3. c pious phraseology; jargon of criminals
    (Angry that the president had slashed the education budget, we dismissed his speech on the importance of education as mere cant. lời đạo đức giả)
  4. d fickle; incalculable
    The storm was capricious and changed course constantly.
  5. e having a very fine bore

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  1. meat-eating
    The lion is a carnivorous animal.
  2. shell or jewel carved in relief do trang suc da cham
  3. corpse
  4. distortion; burlesque
    buc biem hoa
  5. youthful; immature
    In that youthful movement, the leaders were only a little less callow than their immature followers.

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  1. catalystdeluge; upheaval. bien dong lon


  2. carafedestruction of life (sự tàn sát)
    The carnage that can be caused by atomic warfare adds to the responsibilities of our statesmen.


  3. callousset of bells capable of being played
    The carillon in the bell tower of the Coca-Cola pavilion at the New York World's Fair provided musical
    entertainment every hour.


  4. cantankerousill-humored; irritable- irascible
    Constantly complaining about his treatment and refusing to cooperate with the hospital staff, he was a
    cantankerous patient.


  5. calibercorpse