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  1. caricature
  2. canker
  3. carafe
  4. capricious
  5. cataclysm
  1. a any ulcerous sore; any evil (bệnh viêm loét, mục nát)
    Poverty is a canker in the body politic; it must be cured.
  2. b deluge; upheaval. bien dong lon
  3. c glass water bottle
    With each dinner, the patron receives a carafe of red or white wine.
  4. d fickle; incalculable
    The storm was capricious and changed course constantly.
  5. e distortion; burlesque
    buc biem hoa

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  1. n v. gallop
    phi nuoc kieu
  2. story set to music, to be sung by a chorus
    The choral society sang the new cantata composed by its leader.
  3. destruction of life (sự tàn sát)
    The carnage that can be caused by atomic warfare adds to the responsibilities of our statesmen.
  4. shell or jewel carved in relief do trang suc da cham
  5. drunken revel (cuộc chè chén)
    The party degenerated into an ugly carousal.

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  1. capaciousspacious
    In the capacious areas of the railroad terminal, thousands of travelers lingered while waiting for their train.


  2. cachehiding place
    The detectives followed the suspects until he led them to the cache where he had stored his loot.


  3. caliberability; capacity
    A man of such caliber should not be assigned such menial tasks.


  4. caratunit of weight for precious stones; measure of fineness of gold
    He gave her a diamond that weighed three carats and was mounted in an eighteen-carat gold band.


  5. careenshell or jewel carved in relief do trang suc da cham