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  1. canard
  2. caricature
  3. canter
  4. careen
  5. cadence
  1. a lurch; sway from side to side (lao dao)
    The taxicab careened wildly as it rounded the corner.
  2. b n v. gallop
    phi nuoc kieu
  3. c distortion; burlesque
    buc biem hoa
  4. d rumor tin vit
  5. e rhythmic rise and fall (of words or sounds); beat
    Marching down the road, the troops sang out, following the cadence set by the sergeant.

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  1. beautiful writing; excellent penmanship
    As we examine ancient manuscripts, we became impressed with the calligraphy of the scribes.
  2. heat-producing
    Coal is much more calorific than green wood.
  3. spacious
    In the capacious areas of the railroad terminal, thousands of travelers lingered while waiting for their train.
  4. serious or fatal accident (tai nạn - nạn nhân)
    The number of automotive casualties on this holiday weekend was high.
  5. agent that brings about a chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged
    Many chemical reactions cannot take place without the presence of a catalyst.

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  1. calumnymalicious misrepresentation
    He could endure his financial failure, but he could not bear the calumny that his foes heaped upon him.


  2. cantatastory set to music, to be sung by a chorus
    The choral society sang the new cantata composed by its leader.


  3. carousalchief
    If you want to increase your word power, the cardinal rule of vocabulary-building is to read.


  4. carafeglass water bottle
    With each dinner, the patron receives a carafe of red or white wine.


  5. castigationpunishment; severe criticism
    Sensitive even to mild criticism, Woolf could not bear castigation that she found in certain reviews.


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