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  1. canine
  2. camaraderie
  3. carnal
  4. calamity
  5. catechism
  1. a disaster; misery
    As news of the calamity spread, offers of relief poured in to the stricken community.
  2. b fleshly
    thuoc xac thit, thuoc nhuc duc
  3. c book for religious instruction; instruction by question and answer
    He taught by engaging his pupils in a catechism until they gave him the correct answer.
  4. d related to dogs; doglike
    Some days the canine population of Berkeley seems almost to outnumber the human population.
  5. e good-fellowship-friendship

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  1. like a corpse; pale
    From his cadaverous appearance, we could see how the disease had ravaged him.
  2. having a very fine bore
  3. calamity
    The Johnstown flood was a catastrophe.
  4. fickle; incalculable
    The storm was capricious and changed course constantly.
  5. title; chapter heading; text under illustration
    I find the captions that accompany these cartoons very clever and humorous.

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  1. callowyouthful; immature
    In that youthful movement, the leaders were only a little less callow than their immature followers.


  2. cabalsmall group of persons secretly united to promote their own interests
    The cabal was defeated when its scheme was discovered.


  3. captious; carpingfaultfinding; carping, critical, hypercritical, overcritical
    His criticisms were always captious and frivolous, never offering constructive suggestions.


  4. candorn v. gallop
    phi nuoc kieu


  5. cataractunit of weight for precious stones; measure of fineness of gold
    He gave her a diamond that weighed three carats and was mounted in an eighteen-carat gold band.