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  1. hoofwall
  2. fetlock
  3. croup
  4. cannon bone
  5. gaskin (crus)
  1. a muscular portion of the hind-limb between the stifle and the hock
  2. b third metacarpal of the horse; also called the shin bone
  3. c hard, horny outer layer of the covering of the digit in ungulates
  4. d the area of the limb between the pastern and the cannon
  5. e muscular area around and above the tail base

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  1. lumbar region of the back between the thorax and pelvis
  2. horny, irregular growths on the medial surface of the equine leg; in the front legs, the chestnuts are just above the knee; in the rear legs the chestnuts are near the hock
  3. root of the mane
  4. animal with hoofs
  5. solid part of the equine tail

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  1. stifle jointfemorotibial and femoropatellar joint in quadrupeds


  2. pasternarea of the limb between the fetlock and hoof


  3. Barrelcapacity of the chest of trunk


  4. coronary band (coronet)distal interphalangeal joint (joint between the short pastern and the coffin bones [phalanges 11 and 111, respectively]) in ungulates


  5. white linefusion between the wall and sole of the hoof