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  1. teat
  2. poll
  3. hock
  4. heel (bulb)
  5. shoulder
  1. a the tarsal bones
  2. b dorsal surface of the cranium
  3. c the nipple of the mammary gland
  4. d the rear or caudal region of the hoof
  5. e the region around the large joint connecting the scapula and the humerus

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  1. two nostrils (including th eskin and fascia and the muscles of the upper and lower lip
  2. sacral to the tail end region of the back
  3. dorsal margin of the neck
  4. region of the head between the eyes and the ears
  5. the lumbar region of the back between the thorax and pelvis

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  1. coffin jointproximal interphalangeal joint (joint between the long and short pastern bones I and II) in ungulates


  2. pinsprotrusion of the ischium bones just lateral to the base of the tail in ruminants


  3. toepalmar or planter surface of the hoof; bottom of the hoof.


  4. brisketmass of connective tissue, muscle, and fat covering the cranioventral part of the ruminant chest between the forelegs (front of the chest between the two front legs just above the chest floor)


  5. pedalpertaining to the foot