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  1. Loin
  2. Crest
  3. Muzzle
  4. Hock
  5. Rump
  1. a Dorsal margin of the neck.
  2. b Two nostrils (including the skin and fascia) and the muscles of the upper and lower lip.
  3. c Sacral to tailhead region of the back.
  4. d Lumbar region of the back, between the thorax and pelvis.
  5. e Tarsal joint

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  1. Accessory claw of the ruminant foot that projects caudally from the fetlock.
  2. Base of the tail where it connects to the body.
  3. Pertaining to the foot.
  4. Carpus in ungulates.
  5. Nipple of mammary gland.

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  1. DockTarsal joint


  2. HeelCranial end of the hoof.


  3. Heart GirthCircumference of the chest just caudal to the shoulders and cranial to the back.


  4. SolePalmar or plantar surface of the hoof; bottom of hoof.


  5. ForearmPart of the foreleg supported by the radius and ulna, between the elbow and knee.