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  1. Mixed forests
  2. NATO
  3. Dialect
  4. Physical Characteristic
  5. Topological Space
  1. a forests in the Marine West Coast that have both coniferous and deciduous trees
  2. b Organization designed for military purposes
  3. c Geographic features that were not made by humans, but occur naturally in the landscape.
  4. d The connectivity between places
  5. e A regional variety of a language distinguished by vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation

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  1. The statue of the little mermaid is a famous attraction in _____.
  2. geographic theme that examines areas that share common characteristics
  3. Two places have equal opportunities, but one is closer
  4. a city that ranks first in a nation in terms of population and economy
  5. unaltered gifts of nature

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  1. Wales and North IrelandA form of subsistence agriculture based on herding domesticated animals


  2. EcumeneThe portion of the Earth's surface occupied by permanent human settlement


  3. Aluminum Industrythe act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth


  4. Von Thunen's modelA model of the internal structure of cities in which social groups are spatially arranged in a series of rings


  5. Hierarchical DiffusionThe spread of a feature or trend from one key person or node of authority or power to other persons or places