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  1. Lake
  2. Social Distance
  3. Reunification
  4. Manifest Destiny
  5. Demographic Accounting Equation
  1. a a policy of imperialism rationalized as inevitable (as if granted by God)
  2. b the act of coming together again
  3. c A large inland body of fresh or saltwater.
  4. d Mathematical equation used to calculate the growth rate of a population
  5. e the extent to which members of one culture have contact with members of another culture

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  1. The reduction in the time it takes to diffuse something to a distant place, as a result of improved communications and transportation systems.
  2. The process of spread of a feature or trend from one place to another over time.
  3. The imagination, innovative thinking, and management skills needed to start and operate a business
  4. latitude or parallel that lies at 23 1/2 degrees north and the northern most point of earth to recieve direct rays of the sun
  5. The rapid, widespread diffusion of a feature or trend throughout a population.

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  1. Gender GapThe right or privilege of voting.


  2. Demographygeographic theme that describes how and why people and things change location


  3. constitutionsomething that has consolidated into a compact mass


  4. Chain migrationPermanent movement within a particular country


  5. Hierarchical diffusionThe spread of a feature or trend from one key person or node of authority or power to other persons or places.


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