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  1. Robinson Projection
  2. Bay
  3. Law of Retail Gravitation
  4. Island
  5. Population Density
  1. a Does not maintain anything accuratly, however it diminishes error
  2. b A piece of land, smaller than a continent, completely surrounded by water.
  3. c the number of people per square mile who live in a country
  4. d People will move into cities toward retail areas
  5. e A body of water partially enclosed by land with a wide outlet to the ocean.

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  1. A computer system that stores, organizes, analyzes, and displays geographic data.
  2. a location of a place in relationship to the features around it
  3. 180 degrees longitude
  4. The spread of a feature or trend among people from one area to another in a snowballing process
  5. a state that completely surrounds another one

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  1. LatitudeThe numbering system used to indicate the location of parallels drawn on a globe and measuring distance north and south of the equator (0°).


  2. Prime MeridianZero degrees longitude


  3. Breaking pointAn area with one or more common characteristic or feature


  4. Principal meridianAn increase in the percentafe and in the number of people living in urban settlements


  5. Plateaua specific point on Earth distinguished by a particular character