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unit 10 sentences


I understand math very well, but, according to my teacher, my performance in class is, at best, _______.


Why do you take it on yourself to _______ me whenever I say or do anything even slightly out of line?


The many inconsistencies in the suspect's story made the police highly _______ of his alibi.


The Welsh mining village, with its rows of drab cottages, seems terribly ________ and uninviting in the cold autumn rain.


It is better to openly admit ignorance than to give _______ information.


The warmth of the June sun made me feels so _______ that I scarcely had the energy to brush away the flies.


To improve their standard of living, the people of an underdeveloped country must learn to _______ the resources of their land.


The _______ but powerful half back from Syracuse was one of the lightest men ever to play professional football.


How can you _______ to work in the space program when you haven't even been able to pass your science and math courses?


Since it had rained heavily all night, the newly plowed fields were by now an almost impassable _______.


We learned that the matchless discipline and superior leadership of the Roman legions made them all but _______.


Poor diet, lack of exercise, and insufficient rest have done a great deal to _______.


Marching over the _______ terrain under a broiling sun, we were soon on the verge of exhaustion.


The honoree's after-dinner speech was so polished and sure that we never guessed it was _______.


The master silversmith was extraordinarily _______ in the use of simple hand tools.


The fiddler _______ the fast-paced Virginia reel in a very lively fashion.


Against the solemn hush of the memorial service, the boisterous laughter we heard was singularly _______.


Before we get into the specific details of our proposal, we should write a(n) _______ that will explain in general terms what we want to do.


The social worker said with great emphasis that anyone who would take advantage of an elderly person is utterly _______.


There are many millions of people throughout the world still waiting to be _______ from the bonds of grinding poverty.

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