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  1. tricuspid and mitral
  2. pulmonic and aortic
  3. moderator band
  4. the pulmonic valve closes when the blood pressure within the pulmonary trunk exceeds blood pressure within the right ventricle. the aortic valve closes when the bp within the aorta exceeds the bp within the left ventricle
  1. a briefly describe the mechanism of semilunar valve closure
  2. b when the atria contract which valves are open
  3. c when the atria contract which valves are closed
  4. d this is an electrical short cut that conducts myocardial action potentials rapidly fron the inter ventricular septum to the papilllary muscles on the lateral side of the right ventricle

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  1. which wall of the heart is the thickest
  2. Contraction of the inter-ventricular septum facilitates ejection of blood from which heart chamber
  3. name the structure that divides the right and left atria
  4. list the 4 functions of fibrous skeleton
  5. papillary muscle function is adversely affected by what heart disorder

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  1. increase force of atrial contraction without increasing heart masswhat is the function of pectinate muscles


  2. closedwhat is the shape of the left ventricle


  3. valve cusps/leaflets coapt normally because the papillary muscles are "pulling" on the chordae tendonae attached to the free border of the valve cusps/leafletspapillary muscle function is adversely affected by what heart disorder


  4. composed of three cusps/leaflets, allows passive blood flow from right atrium to right ventricle, and prevents retrograde blood flow into the right atriumbriefly describe the tricuspid valve


  5. serous pericardiumwhat is a non-elastic tissue layer that composes the outermost layer of the pericardium. it is visible when the chest is opened