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  1. trabeculae carnea
  2. pulmonic and aortic
  3. moderator band
  4. perietal
  5. right ventricle
  1. a raised muscle bundles located in both ventricles
  2. b which pericardium is adherent to the underside of the fibrous pericardium
  3. c most of the anterior heart surface is composed of which heart chamber
  4. d when the atria contract which valves are closed
  5. e this is an electrical short cut that conducts myocardial action potentials rapidly fron the inter ventricular septum to the papilllary muscles on the lateral side of the right ventricle

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  1. raided muscle bundles in the anterior wall of the right atrium and the left and right auricles
  2. what is the shape of the right ventricle
  3. 4 chambers of the heart
  4. which wall of the heart is the thickest
  5. briefly explain the clinical significance of stagnant blood flow in the auricles

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  1. endocardiumwithin what body compartment is the heart located


  2. left ventriclemost of the anterior heart surface is composed of which heart chamber


  3. annulusfibrous tissue ring that forms the base of each heart valve


  4. the brain and right armwhen the atria contract which valves are open


  5. limits movement of the heart within the mediastinumwhat are the regions supplied by the brachiocephalic trunk