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  1. composed of three cusps/leaflets, allows passive blood flow from right atrium to right ventricle, and prevents retrograde blood flow into the right atrium
  2. diastole
  3. increase force of atrial contraction without increasing heart mass
  4. fibrous skeleton
  5. to insure one way blood flow
  1. a what is the function of pectinate muscles
  2. b why is it important to have normal heart valve function
  3. c what is the name of the tissue that fuses the heart valves together
  4. d briefly describe the tricuspid valve
  5. e th coronary arteries are perfused during which phase of the cardiac cycle

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  1. the apex of the heart is composed mostly of which chamber
  2. what is the function of trabeculae carnae
  3. fibrous tissue ring that forms the base of each heart valve
  4. describe the flow of blood throught the heart
  5. name the 2 av valves

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  1. right ventricleContraction of the inter-ventricular septum facilitates ejection of blood from which heart chamber


  2. the pulmonic valve closes when the blood pressure within the pulmonary trunk exceeds blood pressure within the right ventricle. the aortic valve closes when the bp within the aorta exceeds the bp within the left ventriclebriefly describe the mechanism of semilunar valve closure


  3. the left armwhat is the region supplied by the left subclavian


  4. chordae tendonaenormal tight closure of valve cusps/leaflets is known as


  5. perietalwhich pericardium is adherent to the underside of the fibrous pericardium