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  1. left ventricle
  2. tricuspid, mitral
  3. pulmonic and aortic
  4. brachiocephalic trunk, left common carotid, left subclavian
  5. fibrous skeleton
  1. a name the 2 av valves
  2. b list the 3 aortic arch vessels
  3. c what is the name of the tissue that fuses the heart valves together
  4. d when the ventricles contract which valves are open
  5. e the apex of the heart is composed mostly of which chamber

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  1. a pericardial layer is synonymous with the outer layer of the heart wall
  2. what happens to the valves when the papillary muscles contract
  3. which wall of the heart is the thickest
  4. what is the region supplied by the left common carotid
  5. what is the shape of the right ventricle

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  1. endocardiumwhich wall of the heart is the thickest


  2. conus arteriosus of the right ventricleContraction of the inter-ventricular septum facilitates ejection of blood from which heart chamber


  3. tricuspid and mitralwhen the atria contract which valves are closed


  4. increase force of atrial contraction without increasing heart masswhat causes papillary muscle to contract


  5. interatrial septumname the structure that divides the right and left atria


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