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#37 - Fyddet ti'n....?

Cardiau i ddefnyddio yn y dosbarth, falle
Fyddet ti'n gallu newid olwyn y car?
Would you be able to change a car wheel?
Fyddet ti'n gallu canu cân Gymraeg?
Would you be able to sing a Welsh song?
Fyddet ti'n fodlon gwneud naid bynji?
Would you be willing to do a bungie jump?
Fyddet ti'n mynd ar rollercoaster mwya'r byd?
Would you go on the world's biggest rollercoaster?
Fyddet ti'n mynd i Flaenau Ffestiniog yng nghanol y gaeaf?
Would you go to Blaenau Ffestiniog in the middle of winter?
Fyddet ti'n prynu iPad i blentyn?
Would you buy an iPad for a child?
Fyddet ti'n bwyta malwod?
Would you eat snails?
Fyddet ti'n gwybod sut i roi cusan bywyd?
Would you know how to give the kiss of life?
Fyddet ti'n hoffi rhedeg marathon?
Would you like to run a marathon?
Fyddet ti'n gallu meddwl am gwestiwn arall?
Would you be able to think of another question?