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  1. frontal sinus and maxillary sinus drainage location
  2. parts of labyrinth (inner ear)
  3. Membranous Labyrinth
  4. Permanent teeth
  5. hiatus semilunaris
  1. a through infundibulum into semilunar hiatus (middle meatus @ hiatus semilunaris)
  2. b 8 per quadrant:
    2 insisors, 1 canine, 2 premolar, 3 molar
  3. c area in middle meatus where frontal and maxillary sinuses drain, as well as the anterior ethmoid air cells
  4. d membrane-walled ducts and sacs lining the bony labyrinth.
    Three main parts: 1) cochlear duct, 2) utricle & saccule, 3) semicircular canals
  5. e Cochlea
    semicircular canals

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  1. Parotid duct from parotid gland
    -opens high up in the vestibule (around the second molar)
  2. 3 part cavity:semicircular canals, vestibule, cochlea
  3. opens along sublingual fold
  4. Middle meatus
  5. from submandibular gland
    -opens under the tongue to either side of the lingual frenulum

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  1. The chain of nodes along the internal jugular veinDeep cervical nodes.
    Drain into the jugular trunk -> thoracic duct or right lymphatic duct


  2. Olfactory neuronsBipolar neuron:
    axons to nasal mucosa
    soma (cell body) found in olfactory bulb
    olfactory track -> medial temporal lobe


  3. Faucesarch-like entranceway inside the mouth.
    Extends from soft palate to epiglottis


  4. Retropharyngeal spaceAllows the esophagus to move in relation to the vertebral column during swallowing.
    Clinical significance: allows the spread of infections to the mediastinum


  5. CochleaContains spiral ganglion