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  1. Cochlea
  2. labial frenulum
  3. Vestibule of the oral cavity
  4. frontal sinus and maxillary sinus drainage location
  5. Two tonsils of OROpharynx
  1. a palantine - lateral walls under fauces
    lingual - on posterior tongue surface
  2. b through infundibulum into semilunar hiatus (middle meatus @ hiatus semilunaris)
  3. c string-like skin from the gums (gingiva) between front two teeth to the cheek
    (under the tongue = lingual frenulum)
  4. d Space between the teeth and cheek
    (gets big when you blow your cheeks out)
  5. e Contains spiral ganglion

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  1. Flow strait to deep cervical nodes
  2. more anterior in mouth
    *Marks the boundary between mouth/pharynx
  3. anosmia (no smell) associated with TBI
  4. ridge along the middle of auricle
  5. Cochlea
    semicircular canals

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  1. Functions of the noseBipolar neuron:
    axons to nasal mucosa
    soma (cell body) found in olfactory bulb
    olfactory track -> medial temporal lobe


  2. Epithelium of BOTH oropharynx and laryngopharynxAllows the esophagus to move in relation to the vertebral column during swallowing.
    Clinical significance: allows the spread of infections to the mediastinum


  3. Fauceslittle bump over the anterior side of external acoustic meatus


  4. contained in bony labyrinthperilymph fluid


  5. Wharton's ductParotid duct from parotid gland
    -opens high up in the vestibule (around the second molar)