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  1. The chain of nodes along the internal jugular vein
  2. Membranous Labyrinth
  3. submental, submandibular, buccal & parotid lymph nodes
  4. Bony Labyrinth
  5. Posterior ethmoid air cell drainage
  1. a membrane-walled ducts and sacs lining the bony labyrinth.
    Three main parts: 1) cochlear duct, 2) utricle & saccule, 3) semicircular canals
  2. b Deep cervical nodes.
    Drain into the jugular trunk -> thoracic duct or right lymphatic duct
  3. c Flow strait to deep cervical nodes
  4. d superior meatus
  5. e 3 part cavity:semicircular canals, vestibule, cochlea

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  1. Outer rim of auricle
  2. some protection from infection
    located near the pharyngotympanic tube in the NASOpharynx
  3. Above the superior nasal concha
    Called: sphenoethmoidal recess.
    -Tilt head forward to drain
  4. Parotid duct from parotid gland
    -opens high up in the vestibule (around the second molar)
  5. Cochlea
    semicircular canals

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  1. Conchae & meatusincrease surface area exposed to air


  2. Fxn of retropharyngeal spacearea created by DEEP layers of fascia, posterior to the esophagus between the prevertebral & buccopharyngeal fascia


  3. Occipital & retroauricular lymph nodesincrease surface area exposed to air


  4. OlfactoryThe one sense that doesn't pass through the thalmus before going to the cortex


  5. contained in bony labyrinthperilymph fluid