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  1. adenoids
  2. tubal tonsils
  3. Functions of the nose
  4. Wharton's duct
  5. contained in membranous labyrinth
  1. a some protection from infection
    located near the pharyngotympanic tube in the NASOpharynx
  2. b from submandibular gland
    -opens under the tongue to either side of the lingual frenulum
  3. c pharyngeal tonsils
    in posterior wall of NASOpharynx
    destroys pathogens
  4. d -airway passage
    -moisten & warm air
    -filter air
    -resonating chamber for speech
    -houses olfactory receptors
  5. e endolymph fluid

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  1. Bipolar neuron:
    axons to nasal mucosa
    soma (cell body) found in olfactory bulb
    olfactory track -> medial temporal lobe
  2. anosmia (no smell) associated with TBI
  3. membrane-walled ducts and sacs lining the bony labyrinth.
    Three main parts: 1) cochlear duct, 2) utricle & saccule, 3) semicircular canals
  4. both flow to the superficial cervical nodes, located along the EJV (Superficial to the SCM).

    From superficial cervical nodes -> deep
  5. Flow strait to deep cervical nodes

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  1. normally closed, equalizes pressure during swallowing.
    links middle ear to pharynx.
    Auditory tube (aka Eustachian tube or
    pharyngotympanic tube)


  2. antihelixOuter rim of auricle


  3. Epithelium of BOTH oropharynx and laryngopharynxAllows the esophagus to move in relation to the vertebral column during swallowing.
    Clinical significance: allows the spread of infections to the mediastinum


  4. Middle ethmoid air cell drainageMiddle meatus


  5. Sensory component of Gag ReflexCN 9


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