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  1. Membranous Labyrinth
  2. Motor component of Gag Reflex
  3. Fxn of retropharyngeal space
  4. Stapes attachment to inner ear
  5. Utricle and Saccule
  1. a membrane-walled ducts and sacs lining the bony labyrinth.
    Three main parts: 1) cochlear duct, 2) utricle & saccule, 3) semicircular canals
  2. b CN 10 (Vagus)
  3. c Parts of the membranous labyrinth, within the vestibule
  4. d Allows the esophagus to move in relation to the vertebral column during swallowing.
    Clinical significance: allows the spread of infections to the mediastinum
  5. e oval window

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  1. string-like skin from the gums (gingiva) between front two teeth to the cheek
    (under the tongue = lingual frenulum)
  2. Auditory tube (aka Eustachian tube or
    pharyngotympanic tube)
  3. area created by DEEP layers of fascia, posterior to the esophagus between the prevertebral & buccopharyngeal fascia
  4. pharyngeal tonsils
    in posterior wall of NASOpharynx
    destroys pathogens
  5. Outer rim of auricle

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  1. The chain of nodes along the internal jugular veinSpace between the teeth and cheek
    (gets big when you blow your cheeks out)


  2. just superior to lobuleParts of the membranous labyrinth, within the vestibule


  3. nasolacrimal duct drainageinferior meatus (below inferior conchae)


  4. Fauceslittle bump over the anterior side of external acoustic meatus


  5. tragusarch-like entranceway inside the mouth.
    Extends from soft palate to epiglottis