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History 1


Most modern archeologists would agree that the earliest inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere came from...

Bering straight

About 15,000 years ago B.P., the land bridge that was used by migrants to cross between Siberia and Alaska


the first to build cities in the "new world"

The Mogollon and the Hohokam

Peoples of the American Southwest that tended to build their dwellings near the stream


Lived in what is now known as the Four Corners region of the United States

The Mogollon, the Hohokam, and the Anasazi

North American cultures from the southwest

East Woodlands

The Mississippian people were from the

Great Basin

The Numic-speaking peoples were from which geographic region?

Pacific Northwest people

lived in a society with deep divisions among nobles, commoners, and slaves?


The inhabitants of which region moved from their summer fishing camps to berry patches in the fall, and to moose-and caribou-hunting grounds in the winter?

Amazon rainforest

Recently, scholars have begun to find evidence of incredible manipulations of landscapes and environments in the least likely of places,


built around 1300, contained more than 2,000 rooms and had a water and sewage removal system

Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw.

The Muskogean speakers rejected hierarchical societies in favor of egalitarian ones as they matured into three great southeastern confederacies, the


The distinctive feature of Iroquois and Huron architecture was not the temple mound, but the

Eastern Woodlands

The Algonquians were part of which group?

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