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  1. carboxyl
  2. monomers
  3. isolating mechanism
  4. what does mitosis begin with? end with?
  5. the individual at both ends of a population are selected against
  1. a makes carbonyl reactive, when combined with amino and fatty acids
  2. b diploid cells, diploid cells
  3. c individual subunits of a larger molecule
  4. d Any factor that acts to reduce or block the flow of genes between two populations
  5. e Stabilizing selection

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  1. gene
  2. change from the body form of a common ancestor
  3. a lineage splits when one or more of its population become reproductively isolated and diverse genetically
  4. Melonin
  5. small sacs bounded to membranes that divide the interior of eukaryotic cells into functional compartments

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  1. specific spot of a gene on a chromosomegene locus


  2. hydridizationbreeding technique that involves crossing dissimilar individuals to bring together the traits of both organisms


  3. nucleic acid hybridizationthe process of base pairing between a gene and a complementary sequence on another nucleic acid molecule


  4. anaerobic respirationCellular respiration that uses oxygen, sequentially releasing energy and storing it in ATP


  5. microevolutionThe process by which a new species evolves from a prior species, the most basic process in macroevolution.