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  1. What is the Ozone a buildup of?
  2. fluid mosaic model
  3. what is the endocytic pathway?
  4. What does the Krebs Cycle consist of?
  5. where does carbon cycling occur?
  1. a cells absorb molecules by engulfing them
  2. b Oxygen added to the atmosphere by autotrophs performing photosynthesis
  3. c Enzymes break down pyruvate to carbon dioxide and water. These reactions may release many electrons and hydrogen atoms
  4. d every cell membrane has a mixed composition of phospolipids
  5. e between the ocean and the atmosphere

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  1. hardy-weing formula
  2. nucleoid
  3. includes metabolic activities that help the body function in the environment
  4. the range of resources and conditions a species actually uses or can tolerate at optimal efficiency; smaller than fundamental niche
  5. three gases that consist only of carbon and hydrogen (methane, ethane, and ethylene)

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  1. what is phylogeny?highly organized nucleus bounded by a nuclear membrane, characteristic of higher organisms


  2. what is a monophyletic group?included only the descendants from an ancestral species in which a unique feature first evolved


  3. how many atoms can carbon covalently bond with?four


  4. peppered moths in polluted forests are an example of thisdirectional selection


  5. chemoautotrophAn organism that makes its own food