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  1. chemoautotroph
  2. what are the names for evolutionary tree diagrams?
  3. autotroph
  4. biosphere
  5. biological species concept
  1. a cladograms
  2. b An organism that makes its own food
  3. c a species is one or more group of individual that interbreed, produce fertile offspring, and are reproductively isolated from other such groups
  4. d the part of earth where life exists
  5. e organism that makes organic carbon molecules from carbon dioxide using energy from chemical reactions

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  1. the circulation of nitrogen
  2. cellular pools of sugars, fatty acids, amino acids, and nucleotides
  3. dissimilar body parts evolved in similar ways but were in evolutionary distant lineages
  4. three gases that consist only of carbon and hydrogen (methane, ethane, and ethylene)
  5. Respiration that does not require oxygen

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  1. cladogenesisa lineage splits when one or more of its population become reproductively isolated and diverse genetically


  2. fundamental nicheThe full potential range of the physical, chemical, and biological factors a species can use if there is no competition from other species.


  3. carboxylmakes carbonyl reactive, when combined with amino and fatty acids


  4. salinizationProcess that occurs when soils in arid areas are brought under cultivation through irrigation. In arid climates, water evaporates quickly off the ground surface, leaving salty residues that render the soil infertile.


  5. planktonthe aggregate of small plant and animal organisms that float or drift in great numbers in fresh or salt water