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  1. morphological convergence
  2. specific spot of a gene on a chromosome
  3. evolution occurs in this unit of life
  4. anaerobic respiration
  5. is the cell membrane fluid, solid, or gaseous?
  1. a population
  2. b fluid
  3. c dissimilar body parts evolved in similar ways but were in evolutionary distant lineages
  4. d Respiration that does not require oxygen
  5. e gene locus

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  1. Melonin
  2. cladograms
  3. pyrimidines
  4. The process by which a new species evolves from a prior species, the most basic process in macroevolution.
  5. adaptation that lasts only as long as the individual organisms does (plants in windy places)

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  1. what is a monophyletic group?highly organized nucleus bounded by a nuclear membrane, characteristic of higher organisms


  2. peppered moths in polluted forests are an example of thisdiploid cells, haploid cells


  3. piece of dna on a chromosomegene


  4. hom many chromosomes do humans have?2


  5. What caused the great dyingsudden spike of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere