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  1. what are thymine and cytosine?
  2. is the cell membrane fluid, solid, or gaseous?
  3. What are molecules assmebled from?
  4. analogous structures
  5. where is eukaryotic dna enclosed?
  1. a fluid
  2. b pyrimidines
  3. c cellular pools of sugars, fatty acids, amino acids, and nucleotides
  4. d serve the same function, but are not from the same "stem" body part
  5. e Nucleus

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  1. calibrated by the determination of the number of differences in DNA base sequences or Amino Acid sequences between species being plotted against a series of branch points
  2. Maurice Wilkins
  3. Respiration that does not require oxygen
  4. alu elements
  5. cladograms

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  1. realized nicheThe full potential range of the physical, chemical, and biological factors a species can use if there is no competition from other species.


  2. what was thought to hold hereditary material befor DNA discovered?proteins


  3. carboxylHighly reactive and prone to electron transfers


  4. monomersindividual subunits of a larger molecule


  5. what did Rosalind Franklin discover?the structure and dimensions of DNA