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  1. what did Rosalind Franklin discover?
  2. plankton
  3. what are thymine and cytosine?
  4. aerobic respiration
  5. biosphere
  1. a the structure and dimensions of DNA
  2. b the part of earth where life exists
  3. c the aggregate of small plant and animal organisms that float or drift in great numbers in fresh or salt water
  4. d pyrimidines
  5. e Cellular respiration that uses oxygen, sequentially releasing energy and storing it in ATP

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  1. proteins
  2. purines
  3. natural selection that favors individuals with either extreme of a trait
  4. Enzymes break down pyruvate to carbon dioxide and water. These reactions may release many electrons and hydrogen atoms
  5. population

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  1. new species definitiona species is defined by its physical, structural, and functional traits that sets them apart from other species


  2. how many atoms can carbon covalently bond with?four


  3. hydridizationbreeding technique that involves crossing dissimilar individuals to bring together the traits of both organisms


  4. isolating mechanismphysical barriers stop gene flow among populations or subpopulations of a species. Interbreeding will no longer be possible in the offspring.


  5. Who was Rosalind Franklin neglected by?Maurice Wilkins


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