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  1. Who was Rosalind Franklin neglected by?
  2. Carbonyl
  3. What is the cause of Turner syndrome
  4. autotroph
  5. homeotic gene
  1. a Highly reactive and prone to electron transfers
  2. b Maurice Wilkins
  3. c a girl is given only one x chromosome
  4. d guide the formation of tissues and organs into orderly patterns
  5. e An organism that makes its own food

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  1. pyrimidines
  2. the aggregate of small plant and animal organisms that float or drift in great numbers in fresh or salt water
  3. move most mineral through terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
  4. Enzymes break down pyruvate to carbon dioxide and water. These reactions may release many electrons and hydrogen atoms
  5. diploid cells, haploid cells

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  1. This number results from meiosis reducing the parental chromosome number by halfhaploid number


  2. What are molecules assmebled from?cellular pools of sugars, fatty acids, amino acids, and nucleotides


  3. watershedlink between the nucleotide sequence of nucleic acids and the amino acids sequence


  4. where is prokaryotic DNA concentrated?Nucleus


  5. cladogenesisa lineage splits when one or more of its population become reproductively isolated and diverse genetically