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  1. What is the Ozone a buildup of?
  2. Carbonyl
  3. peppered moths in polluted forests are an example of this
  4. carboxyl
  5. cladogenesis
  1. a makes carbonyl reactive, when combined with amino and fatty acids
  2. b Oxygen added to the atmosphere by autotrophs performing photosynthesis
  3. c Highly reactive and prone to electron transfers
  4. d directional selection
  5. e a lineage splits when one or more of its population become reproductively isolated and diverse genetically

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  1. between the ocean and the atmosphere
  2. split molecules at specific groups, then attach one -OH group with an H atom at the exposed sites
  3. the process of base pairing between a gene and a complementary sequence on another nucleic acid molecule
  4. a range of dyes is used that bind to specific parts of chromosomes
  5. 2/3

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  1. sedimentary cycles combined with the hydologic cycle move what?fluid


  2. In what type of species is gene swapping rampant?purines


  3. Black people have more of this than white peopleMelonin


  4. 1. Organism consist of one or more cells
    2. The cell is the smallest unit of organization that displays the properties of life
    3. Continuity of life arises directly from the growth and division of single cells
    Cell Theory


  5. what is the endocytic pathway?Sugar-phospate