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  1. 1. Organism consist of one or more cells
    2. The cell is the smallest unit of organization that displays the properties of life
    3. Continuity of life arises directly from the growth and division of single cells
  2. what are thymine and cytosine?
  3. new species definition
  4. mitochondrial DNA
  5. polymers
  1. a consist of three to millions of subunits
  2. b pyrimidines
  3. c A small amount of DNA that is located in the mitochondria of cells. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only through the mother.
  4. d a species is defined by its physical, structural, and functional traits that sets them apart from other species
  5. e Cell Theory

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  1. hardy-weing formula
  2. Nucleus
  3. dissimilar body parts evolved in similar ways but were in evolutionary distant lineages
  4. Highly reactive and prone to electron transfers
  5. Process that occurs when soils in arid areas are brought under cultivation through irrigation. In arid climates, water evaporates quickly off the ground surface, leaving salty residues that render the soil infertile.

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  1. fluid mosaic modelguide the formation of tissues and organs into orderly patterns


  2. what are the only groups of prokaryotic cells?cladograms


  3. autotrophorganism that obtains energy from the foods it consumes; also called a consumer


  4. molecular clockcalibrated by the determination of the number of differences in DNA base sequences or Amino Acid sequences between species being plotted against a series of branch points


  5. where is prokaryotic DNA concentrated?nucleoid