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  1. watershed
  2. isolating mechanism
  3. cladogenesis
  4. what does mitosis begin with? end with?
  5. what is phylogeny?
  1. a the scientific study of evolutionary relationships
  2. b Any factor that acts to reduce or block the flow of genes between two populations
  3. c any region where precipitation flows into a single stream or river
  4. d diploid cells, diploid cells
  5. e a lineage splits when one or more of its population become reproductively isolated and diverse genetically

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  1. pyrimidines
  2. the process of base pairing between a gene and a complementary sequence on another nucleic acid molecule
  3. serve the same function, but are not from the same "stem" body part
  4. 2
  5. cladograms

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  1. where is eukaryotic dna enclosed?highly organized nucleus bounded by a nuclear membrane, characteristic of higher organisms


  2. morphological divergencechange from the body form of a common ancestor


  3. speciationthe aggregate of small plant and animal organisms that float or drift in great numbers in fresh or salt water


  4. where is prokaryotic DNA concentrated?when descendants of a stem cell, used for therapeutic cloning go on to differentiate into cell types of specific organs and tissues


  5. hydrolysissplit molecules at specific groups, then attach one -OH group with an H atom at the exposed sites


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