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Menstrual Cycle and Female Hormones

ovarian cycle
changes occuring in the ovaries due to hormone changes
menstrual cycle
changes occuring in the uterus due to hormone changes
28 days
lenght of menstrual cycle on average
releasing hormone
stimulates anterior pituitary
follicle stimulating hormone
stimulates follicle and oocyte development in ovary
luteinizing hormone
causes follicle to mature and break open
causes endometrium to thicken
causes and mantains the endometrium's thickening
proliferation phase
endometrium is fully removed, and has started to grow back
menstrual phase
low estrogen levels, causing the endometrium to begin breaking down
follicular phase
low estrogen levels causes the secretion of FSH and LH
egg has been released into the oviduct because of maximum level of estrogen
luteal phase
egg has been released, estrogen and progesterone increase, endometrium is thickening
corpus luteum
contains progesterone and estrogen, stuff that dies off during luteal phase
anterior pituitary
contains FSH and LH
contains the releasing hormone