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General description of 8 key aspects.


Attention to unconcious influences; importance of sexual drives even in nonsexual spheres. Freud, unconcious, id, ego, superego


Emphasis on the self as it struggles to cope with emotions and drives on the inside and the demands of others on the outside. Adler, focus on the "self"


Focuses on tendencies and limits imposed by biological inheritance; can be easily combined with most other approaches. Darwin,


Can force a more scientific anaylis of the learning experiences that shape personality. B. F. Skinner understood the tremendous influence other ppl have in our lives.


Captures active nature of human thought; uses modern knowledge from cognitive psychology


Good individual assessment techniques. Gordon Alport,


Appreciates the spiritual nature of a person; emphasizes struggles for self-fullfillment and dignity. Carl Rogers, Focus on freedom and self-fulfillment. What makes humans uniquely humans? What makes ppl happy and fulfilled?


Understands that we are different selves in different situations. Most modern approach.

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