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  1. A cell that does NOT have a nucleus or any other membrane-covered organelles. An organism that has prokaryotic cells (bacteria) is known as a prokaryote.

  2. A group of similar cells that combine and work together to perform a specific job.

  3. Where you look through. Magnifies the image 10x. Contains the pointer.

  4. An instrument that makes small objects look larger. Simple microscope - composed on one lens. Compound microscope - composed of two or more lenses.

  5. Moves the body tube/stage up and down to allow focusing of the image when on low-powered objective lens.

  6. A group of organs that work together to perform a body function.

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  1. fine adjustment knob
    Moves the body tube/stage slightly to bring the object into sharper focus. Can be used with any powered objective lens.


  2. organismA living thing, made up of cell(s) that carries out life processes and dies. Living things can be unicellular (ex: bacteria, yeast) or multicellular (ex: rabbit, cats, ants, sunflowers).


  3. multicellularMade up of one cell. Single-celled. Uni- = one, single


  4. organ
    A combination of two or more tissues that work together to perform a specific function.


  5. objectiveMagnify the object. Low-powered objectives magnify the specimen slightly (4x or 10X), while high-powered objectives magnify the specimen more (40X or above).