Racism Vocabulary (Most Important)


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person of color
term used by many to describe people in the United States who are not white in appearance, that is, who physically appear to be African/Black, Latino, Indian, East Asian, Asian, Pacific Islander; a self collective term preferred by many members of this group
a socially constructed concept based on certain hereditary features, e.g. skin color, bone structure, hair texture, etc., that distinguish one human population from another
ethnic group
a subgroup within a larger racial group displaying common cultural traits-which can include nationality, language, and religion, sense of community based on common heritage, ascribed group membership
minority group (target group)
group in a multiethnic society that on the basic of physical or cultural traits receives fewer of society's life chances in proportion to their numbers (political power)
majority group (agent group)
group in multiethnic society that has the power over distribution of society's life chances and establishes standard for cultural behavior
a system of advantage based on race
individual/personal racism
behaviors and beliefs of white people that assign differential value to people of color, either conscious and intentional or unconscious and unintentional
fairly stable social arrangements and practices through which collective actions are taken and patterns form which reflect life chance distribution in society
white privilege
at birth the advantages given to white people in the US due to the societal racism that exists
an emotion based on some fixed mental image of a group of people without being tested against reality
actions based on prejudice
flexible descriptions about some or many that can help begin inquiry and expand possibilities; never applies to all people in all situations and is discarded when no longer applies
rigid conclusions about all or many that tend to inquiry and limit possibilities; beliefs based on false generalizations derived from small samplings or unique cases; applies to everyone in every situation, no exceptions, and is often retain even in no longer accurate or useful
cognitive dissonance
a psychological term describing the uncomfortable tension that may result from having conflicting thoughts or beliefs at the same time or engaging in behavior that conflicts with those beliefs
melting pot
theoretically a multiethnic society where various ethnic groups all contribute more or less equally toward creation of new blended culture
salad bowl
multiethnic society where various groups interact but maintain distinct cultural qualities
a type of pluralism where a minority maintains many qualities of their own distinct cultures while also learning how to get fit in dominant cultural and acts "appropriately" in each
for our purposes a person whose parents represent two or more groups: one parent is from the dominant white group while the other is a person of color
separation into two parts only, this you are given an "either/or" choice