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CCNA Practice Final Exam 2

Discovery 1, DHomesb 4.0, Home and Small Business Version
What is a major characteristic of asymmetric Internet service?
Download speeds are faster than upload speeds
Which two transport layer protocols enable hosts to communicate and transfer data? (Choose two.)
Which protocol is used by a client to retrieve an e-mail from a remote server using a TCP/IP connection?
What is the function of the DNS server?
It translates a computer or domain name to the associated IP address
Which transport layer protocol is used when an application requires acknowledgment that data has been delivered?
What are the two possible values for a digital bit? (Choose two.)
0, 1
Refer to the exhibit. Host A sends a message to a group of four computers out of the ten computers on this network. Which type of message does host A send?
All hosts within a domain receive the same frame that originates from one of the devices. The domain is also bounded by routers. What type of domain is this?
What is the maximum number of bytes that is allowed in a standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet frame?
Refer to the exhibit. A user on Host1 requests a web page from the web server. Which diagram is accurate for the encapsulation of the traffic that is sent from the user to the web server?
A home user is looking for an ISP connection that provides high speed digital transmission over regular phone lines. What ISP connection type should be used?
What is the function of CSMA/CA on a wireless Ethernet network?
To prevent collisions
What layer is the first point of entry for a host into the network?
Access Layer
Which three statements are true about local and network applications? (Choose three.)
A network application is loaded in a local computer and accessed from a remote computer, A local application is loaded in a local computer and accessed only by the local computer, An example of a network application is instant messaging
A network designer is working with a small company to determine the network type best suited to the needs of the company. Which two characteristics could the designer use to describe a peer-to-peer network to the owner of the company? (Choose two.)
Easy to install, low cost
Refer to the graphic. Assume that the exhibited output is from a host that is connected to a Linksys integrated router. What is one of the first things you should check?
link status LED on the front of the router
Which part of a data packet is used by a router to determine the destination network?
destination IP address
What network device contains a table of all locally connected networks and the interfaces used to connect to them?
Refer to the exhibit. Host2 attempts to establish communications with Server1. What action will switch SW1 take prior to forwarding the frame?
learn the MAC address that is associated with Host2
Refer to the exhibit. Assume that the command output is from a wireless DHCP client that is connected to a Linksys integrated router. What can be deduced from the output?
The wireless connection is operational
Refer to the exhibit. A user sets up a home network and uses a crossover cable from Switch1 to the Internet port on the ISR. However, there is no connection between the host H1 and the server. What should the user do in order to establish a connection?
Replace the cable with a straight-through cable
What is the default subnet mask for the IP address
Refer to the exhibit. A network technician is statically assigning an IP address to a PC. The default gateway is correct. What would be a valid IP address to assign to the host?
Refer to the exhibit. What default gateway address will be assigned to PC1 if access to remote resources is needed?
Which of the following are the address ranges of the private IP addresses? (Choose three.) to, to, to
Why would a corporate web server be assigned a public IP address instead of a private IP address?
The public address can be routed on the Internet
Your school network blocks all websites related to online gaming. What type of security policy is being applied?
acceptable use
What is a service pack?
a collection of patches and updates released by a vendor
Which type of attack involves flooding a server port with SYN messages?
denial of service
The help desk at a large packaging company receives a call from a user who is concerned about lost data files on the local PC. The help desk technician learns that the user clicked on an icon that appeared to be a program update, but no updates were scheduled for that program. What type of attack has likely occurred?
Trojan Horse
Refer to the graphic. What feature can be installed on the Linksys integrated router to convert private IP addresses to Internet-routable addresses?
What is the purpose of creating a DMZ during network firewall implementation?
to allow for a publicly accessible zone without compromising the internal network
Which type of computer uses an integrated monitor and keyboard?
Which media is used to carry electrical pulses that represent digital data?
copper cable
Some new features are available for the OS that is currently running on a user's PC. What method should be chosen so that the user can install these new feature sets?
A learner wants to interact with the operating system of a computer. Which two methods can be used for this? (Choose two.)
Select the connection that would require a straight-through cable.
a router to a switch
When terminating UTP cabling, why is it important to untwist only a small amount of each wire pair?
minimizes crosstalk
What are two examples of storage peripheral devices? (Choose two.)
Flash drive, external DVD
When terminating a UTP cable, why is it important to push the wires all the way into the end of the connector?
to ensure good electrical contact
Which two IP configuration components does the computer use to identify its subnetwork? (Choose two.)
IP address, subnet mask
Refer to the exhibit. What is a possible reason that the PC is unable to ping the default gateway IP address?
A straight-through cable should be used to connect the PC to the switch
Refer to the exhibit. What is the purpose of assigning a network name of College?
It identifies the wireless LAN
Refer to the exhibit. Why would a network administrator use the network mode that is shown?
to support hosts that use different 802.11 standards
What procedure will help prevent users from detecting a wireless network?
Disable SSID broadcasts
A user is unable to send e-mail. While troubleshooting this problem, the network technician first verifies the physical connectivity of cables. Which troubleshooting approach is being followed?
A user is not able to connect to the network. A PC technician replaces the network cable that connects the PC to the switch port. The user is now able to connect to the network. Which troubleshooting technique did the technician use?
In an attempt to verify connectivity, a user issues the ping command to a device that is not on the local network. The ping is unsuccessful. What can be determined from this result?
Further troubleshooting will be required to reach a definite conclusion
What is the meaning of the term crosstalk?
interference of signals between wire pairs
What does the term "attenuation" mean in data communication?
loss of signal strength as distance increases