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What is considered a respectable spirit?

Connected with rain and fertile soil

What is the symbol of a dragon connected to?


What did the limbs of the dragon symbolize?


What is the dragons mouth symbolize?

rain from the monsoons

What creates the climate of the southern half of China?

warm and wet

What is the climate of the southern half of China like?


What is the climate of Northern China like?

depends on rivers

What does northern China depend on for survival?

Middle Kingdom

What was China's nickname?

mountains and seas

What cut off China from the rest of the world?

They thought they were in the center of the world.

Why was China nicknamed the "Middle Kingdom"?

Along the Huang He River

Where is did civilization begin for China?

Chang Jiang River

What is the longest river in China?

farming villages

What formed along the rivers?

yellow river

What is Huang He River's nickname?

Huang He

What river begins in Tibet in and ends in the Yellow Sea?

muddiest river

What is the Huang He River known as?


What is the yellow brown soil called?

Soil onto northern China

What did the Huang He River deposit on northern china?


What did the Chinese grow to live off of?


What is an important part of the Chinese diet?

China Sorrow

What is the nickname given to the Huang He River by the Chinese People?


What is a protective wall called that holds back water?

loess settled to the bottom

What caused the water level to rise?

Shang Dynasty

What was the name of the first know civilization?

bronze work

What was the Shang Dynasty famous for?

written language

What di the Shand Dynasty create which is still used today?

extended family

How did the people of China live?

oldest man

Who is the most powerful person in a Chinese family?

2 names

What did the Chinese use for names?

obeyed men

What did women do?


Who was the great Chinese philosopher?

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