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MS45-47 GI Pharmacology Questions

chaps 45,46,47
Antiulcer drugs include
Antacids, histamine antagonists, mucosal protectants and gastric {proton pump} inhibitors.
Antacids ____________ gastric acid.
mucosal protectants protect the gastric mucosa by ________ the wall of the stomach or ulcer crater.
A bacteria associated with a large % of peptic ulcers is the ?
helicobacter pylori
Laxatives and stool softeners treat or prevent?
When gastric contents containing hydrochloric acid reenter the esophagus, erosion of the mucosa and subsequent healing of the tissue may cause___________ and increase the risk of cancer.
when a client has unexplained diarrhea, a stool culture for _______is ordered and contact isolation is initiated until negative cultures are reported.
clostridium difficle
Inactivity, lack of fluid intake, and use of ________ for analgesia contribute to constipation.
Although a prn antiemetic should be administered if the client complains of nausea, a client with a ___________ tube for decompression should be assessed for patency of the tube prior to administration of the drug.
Common antiemetics include used to treat or prevent vomiting include?
ondansetron {Zofran}, promethazine {phenergran},scopolamine {trans-dern scop}
A client taking digoxin {lanoxin} may experience what symptoms if digitalis toxicity has developed?
severe anorexia, nausea, vomiting
the vomiting assocaited with increased intracranial pressure occurs without ___________ and may be projectile.
warning of nausea
Aluminum- based antacids cause ?
magnesium based antacids cause?
a client with a history of CHF should avoid an antacid that is?
sodium based
Liquid antacids are _________ that must be shaken or mixed well before administration.
Combining the aluminum and ________ components such as Maalox and mylanta reduces the adverse effects of each.
a client requiring anti-ulcer drugs should be instructed reduce stress, avoid smoking, and caffeine, avoid food substances that irritate the stomach such as black pepper, ________harsh spices, and avoid drugs that irritate the stomach like NSAIDs that include aspirin
Histamine-Receptor Antagonist inhibit gastric acid secretion. They include
cimetidine {tagamet}, rantitidine {zantac}, and famotidine {pepcid}
the drug classification of mucosal protectant includes the drug?
sucralfate {carafate}
a client with gastroparesis may be ordered _____________ to stimulate gastric emptying to be given before meals.
metoclopramide {reglan}
Laxatives and stool softners are used to prevent or relieve ___________ are are held if the client has loose of frequent stools.
laxatives include:
biscodyl {dulcolax}, senna {senokot}, psyllium {metamucil}, magnesium hydroxide {milk of magnesia} and docusate sodium {colace}
a client with diarrhea may develop _________________ and ___________ due to loss of water and electrolytes.
fluid volume deficit, metabolic acidosis
common antidiarrheal agents inclue prescription drugs such as?
Lomotil and paregoric and OTC drugs such as kaolin mixtture with pectin {kkaopectate} and loperamide {imodium}
Probiotic antidiarrheal agents that promote restoration of normal GI flora include?
lactobacillus acidophilus {Lactinex}
although research questions the efficacy of Ipecac syrup for accidental ingestion noncaustic poisons or drug overdoses, when ordered,Ipec syrup is followed with a full glass of water and causes _________ within 30 minutes.
Vitamin K or {aqua -mephytonin} is used to promote coagulation in the client with an elevated Prothrombin level whether from warfarin {coumadin} or due to ______failure.
Excess ammonia, a by- product of protein metabolism, is not converted to urea in the client with liver failure and can cause ____________ with resulting confusion.
hepatic encephalopathy
Aminoglycoside antibiotics that destroy that the intestinal bacteria involved in ammonia formation and the osmotic laxative lactulose {chronulax} help?
lower the serum ammonia level of the client with liver failure.
synthetic replacement pancreatic enzymes needed for digestion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates must be given?
immediately prior to eating food and may be ordered for a client with cystic fibrosis and chronic pancreatitis
lactose intolerant individuals must avoid milk and milk products, while the client with celiac disease avoids foods manufactured with?
grains that contain gluten such as wheat