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  • alternative
    different from what is usual or traditional
  • biofuel
    fuel produced from plant material
  • canola oil
    a type of oil made from a variety of rapeseed that can be used for cooking or as a biofuel
  • carbon footprint
    the amount of energy that a person or organization uses in order to exist or operate
  • carbon neutral
    not producing carbon emissions
  • consult
    to get information or advice from a person, book, etc. with special knowledge on a particular subject
  • consumption
    the amount of something that someone uses, eats, or drinks
  • contest
    If you contest a formal statement, a claim, a judge's decision, or a legal case, you say formally that it is wrong or unfair and try to have it changed.
  • cooperative
    a company that is owned and managed by the people who work in it
  • energy
    the power that comes from electricity, gas, etc.
  • fuel
    a substance that is burned to provide heat or power
  • hydroelectricity
    electricity produced by the force of fast moving water such as rivers or waterfalls
  • petrol
    (n.) gasoline
  • pollution
    (n.) damage caused to water, air, etc. by harmful substances or waste
  • production
    (n.) when you make or grow something
  • solar power
    (n.) energy from the sun
  • source
    (n.) where something comes from
  • wind turbine
    (n.) a machine with long parts at the top that are turned by the wind, used to make electricity