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  1. censure
  2. cessation
  3. caucus
  4. chauvinist
  5. chafe
  1. a private meeting of members of a party to select officers or determine policy (cuộc họp kín)
    (At the opening of Congress the members of the Democratic Party held a caucus to elect the majority leader of the House and the party whip.)
  2. b blame; criticize
    He was censured for his inappropriate behavior.
  3. c blindly devoted patriot
    A chauvinist cannot recognize any faults in his country, no matter how flagrant they may be.
  4. d warm by rubbing
    The collar chafed his neck.
  5. e stopping
    The workers threatened a cessation of all activities if their demands were not met.

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  1. burning; sarcastically biting(1. ăn da 2. châm biếm (mockery = sarcasm n.)
    The critic's caustic remarks angered the hapless actors who were the subjects of his sarcasm.
  2. critical; captious; carping
    censorious people delight in casting blame.
  3. lizard that changes color in different situations
    Like the chameleon, he assumed the political coloration of every group he met.
  4. in utter disorder
    He tried to bring order into the chaotic state of affairs.
  5. radiating; departing from the center
    Many automatic drying machines remove excess moisture from clothing by centrifugal force.(ly tâm)

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  1. catholicuniversal; wide-ranging liberal, global, world-wide (rộng khắp)
    He was extremely catholic in his taste and read everything he could find in the library.


  2. cholerichot-tempered
    His flushed, angry face indicated a choleric nature.


  3. catharsispurging or cleansing of any passage of the body(sự tẩy nhẹ)
    Aristotle maintained that tragedy created a catharsis by purging the soul of base concepts.


  4. checkeredcurb;restrain;control (kiem che)
    Thrusting out her arm, Grandma checked Bobby's lunge at his sister. "Young man," she said, "you'd better check your temper."


  5. chaffwarm by rubbing
    The collar chafed his neck.


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