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  1. propensity
  2. vacillate
  3. disparage
  4. proclivity
  5. anachronism
  1. a to slight or belittle
  2. b a natural inclination or tendency; penchant
  3. c a natural predisposition or inclination
  4. d to waver indecisively between one course of action or opinion and another; to waver
  5. e something or someone out of place in terms of historical or chronological context

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  1. alertly watchful
  2. pure; uncorrupted; clean
  3. excessively wasteful; recklessly extravagant
  4. genuine; not false or hypocritical
  5. sharply perceptive; keen; penetrating

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  1. renegeto fail to honor a commitment; to go back on a promise


  2. tersethin; not dense; arranged at widely spaced intervals


  3. derisionannoyance; irritation


  4. immutablenot easily managed or directed; stubborn; obstinate


  5. intractablenot capable of change