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  1. trenchant
  2. proclivity
  3. probity
  4. disparage
  5. neophyte
  1. a sharply perceptive; keen; penetrating
  2. b adherence to highest principles; uprightness
  3. c to slight or belittle
  4. d a natural predisposition or inclination
  5. e a recent convert; a beginner; novice

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  1. characterized by a strong, sharp smell or taste
  2. hidden; concealed; difficult to understand; obscure
  3. to fail to honor a commitment; to go back on a promise
  4. overstepping due bounds (as of propriety or courtesy); taking liberties
  5. a natural inclination or tendency; penchant

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  1. vexationannoyance; irritation


  2. cynicisman attitude or quality of belief that all people are motivated by selfishness


  3. vacillatemulticolored; characterized by a variety of patches of different color


  4. quixoticfoolishly impractical; marked by lofty romantic ideals


  5. volatilereadily changing to a vapor; changeable; fickle; explosive


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