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  1. hybrid
  2. self-fertilization
  3. diploid
  4. allele
  5. recessive allele
  1. a descriptive of an allele in a heterozygous individual that does not appear to affect a trait
  2. b offspring of two different true-breeding varieties
  3. c process by which a tree-breeding plant produces offspring identical in appearance to itself generation after generation
  4. d having two homologous sets of chromosomes
  5. e alternate form of a gene

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  1. diagram showing the probabilities of the possible outcomes of a genetic cross
  2. parental plants
  3. ratio of a particular outcome
  4. genetic makeup of an organism; an organism's combination of alleles
  5. having identical alleles for a gene

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  1. First Filial (F1)the resulting offspring when the parental generation fertilize or fertilize each other


  2. haploidhaving a single set of chromosomes


  3. test crossmating of an individual of unknown genotype but dominant phenotype with a homozygous recessive individual


  4. Unit character-traits controlled by factors (genes) which occur in pairsparental plants


  5. somatic cellsdiploid body cells