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  1. cross-fertilization
  2. haploid
  3. test cross
  4. genetics
  5. trait
  1. a variation of a particular inherited character
  2. b the study of heredity
  3. c having a single set of chromosomes
  4. d mating of an individual of unknown genotype but dominant phenotype with a homozygous recessive individual
  5. e process by which sperm from one flower's pollen fertilizes the eggs in a flower of a different plant

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  1. diploid body cells
  2. alternate form of a gene
  3. have very similar genetic makeup; homozygous; often suffer from serious genetic defects
  4. having two homologous sets of chromosomes
  5. unit of inherited information in DNA

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  1. probabilityvariation of a particular inherited character


  2. rule of multiplicationAdd probabilities of different combinations


  3. genotypeobservable traits in an organism


  4. dihybrid crossmating of two organisms that differ in only one character


  5. Second Filial (F2)the resulting offspring when the F1 plants fertilize or fertilize each other