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  1. Second Filial (F2)
  2. cross-fertilization
  3. somatic cells
  4. haploid
  5. phenotype
  1. a having a single set of chromosomes
  2. b observable traits in an organism
  3. c process by which sperm from one flower's pollen fertilizes the eggs in a flower of a different plant
  4. d diploid body cells
  5. e the resulting offspring when the F1 plants fertilize or fertilize each other

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  1. parental plants
  2. mating of two organisms that differ in two different characters
  3. A sperm or egg carries only 1 allele of each pair; The alleles separate during gamete formation
  4. There are alternative forms of genes called alleles; Ex. P- purple; p- white; There are two alleles for each trait; Ex. Pp; PpTT
  5. one of the matching pair of chromosomes, one inherited from each parent

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  1. geneticsthe study of heredity


  2. monohybrid crossmating of two organisms that differ in only one character


  3. rule of multiplicationAdd probabilities of different combinations


  4. probabilityratio of a particular outcome


  5. First Filial (F1)the resulting offspring when the parental generation fertilize or fertilize each other