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  1. the UN
  2. monastery
  3. Geez
  4. kinship
  5. Eritrea
  1. a old Ethiopian language no longer spoken
  2. b a family relationship
  3. c who is helping with education and irrigation?
  4. d where monks train/study
  5. e which country broke away from ethiopia in a 30-year civil war?

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  1. traces heritage through female lineage
  2. group of families from common ancestor
  3. which country was never colonized?
  4. storyteller, historian for a village or clan
  5. parents/kids/other relatives

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  1. Tombouctoustoryteller, historian for a village or clan


  2. plantationsmoving to cities


  3. overgrazing & droughtkilling grass by pulling up by the roots; contributes to increased desertification


  4. desertificationwhen fertile land turns to desert


  5. urbanizationmoving to cities