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2) Yellow Belt Mental Requirements (Yellow to Orange)

Taekwondo Oath
I Will...

Observe The Tenets Of Taekwondo
Respect My Instructors And Seniors
Never Misuse Taekwondo
Help Build A More Peaceful World
Be a Champion Of Freedom And Justice
Why Do You Kiehap (Yell)?
Develop Spiritual Strength

Show Concentration

Show Power

Show Confidence
Why Do You Belt Test?
Demonstrate Knowledge Of Taekwondo

Gain Confidence By Performing Under Pressure

To Let A Qualified Judge Determine The Increase In Our Knowledge
Meaning Of The Yellow Belt

Open To Receive Knowledge
Meaning of Taegeuk Il Jang
Heaven & Light
Count From 1 To 10 In Korean
One - Hana
Two - Dule
Three - Set
Four - Net
Five - Dasot
Six - Yosot
Seven - Il Gob
Eight - Yo Dul
Nine - Ahop
Ten - Yul
Part Of The Foot That Is Used For Axe Kick
Back Of The Heel
Part Of The Foot That Is Used For High Roundhouse Kick
Instep (Top) Of The Foot
Part Of The Foot That Is Used For Inside Crescent Kick
Inside Edge Of The Foot
Part Of The Foot That Is Used For Outside Crescent Kick
Outside Edge Of The Foot
Rules Of The Dojang
Arrive Early For Class
Bring Your Attendance Card
Attend Class Regularly
Bow At All Appropriate Times
Keep Uniform Clean And Tie Belt Correctly
Never Climb On Or Misuse Any Equipment
Never Use Bad Language
Keep The Dojang Clean And Organized
Do Not Engage In Rough Play
Axe Kick
Tchigo Chaggie
High Roundhouse Kick
Dolio Chaggie
Inside Crescent Kick
An Chaggie
Outside Crescent Kick
Bacat Chaggie