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this is a pretty touchy subject for me, but there was a girl that I met in recruit training, who was the mirror image of myself. She also was Asian, college educated, athletic (college athlete) and ENLISTED to serve his country. She's beautiful. We went on to different stations and we kept in touch.

While I would went up, she had some rough experiences. There are some Navy in predators, one of them deliberately got her drunk, and then slept with her. She got pregnant because she was so religious and naive she believed all the lies that he told her. They got married, and he used to her to his advantage. Took her money, had her finance everything. And meanwhile, he had the kid and he was using her. And on all of this, he started hitting her, and he was also seeing other women. He has 4 different children from four different moms.

When this girl called me, she was crying and whatnot. By this time, I was a young Ensign in flight training. Already a stressful situatin for me. I consulted my own chain of command, but was told "no, you're in different duty stations, let her command handle it." But they weren't. When something like this happens, commands look the other way. They're just aren't enough resources to look after them all. Some even have the "screw them, they're enlisted. Not my problems."

I did everything I could. I called our old friends, my old Drill Instructors. I compiled a list. And when I finally did, I called up his division officer and told him the whole story.

It started the ball rolling. They got divorced, and I submitted a written testimony. She got custody of the kid, and she ended up seperating from the military. She would go to law school on the GI Bill, as a single mom, and she recently gradated and works at the County of San Diego.