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  1. Teeth
  2. List the functions of the digestive system
  3. chyme is liquefied food found in the stomach.
  4. Salivary glands
  5. Stomach
  1. a breakdown of ingested food, absorption of nutrients into the blood
  2. b Saliva-producing glands
    Parotid glands- anterior to the ears
    submandibular glands
    sublingual glands
  3. c the role is to masticate food, humans have 2 sets of teeth, decidous and adult with 32 teeth ( ages 6-12 years), incisors, canines, premolars, molars
  4. d food enters at the cardioesophageal sphincter,
    acts as a storage tank for food,
    delivers chime (processed food) to the small intestine
  5. e true

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  1. bolus
  2. true
  3. monosaccharide
  4. oropharynx to esophagus
  5. breaking down fats into small droplets

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  1. the function of the appendix is uncertaindegultition


  2. Rugaeinternal folds in the stomach


  3. Peristalsiselimination of digestible substances as feces,


  4. Defecationmoving materials back and forth to aid in mixing


  5. the cardiac sphincter controls the opening of the esophagus into the stomach.Pyloric sphincter


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