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  1. fats are absorbed primarily into which of the following structures?
  2. Peristalsis
  3. Another name for the third molar is:
  4. refers to the liver
  5. the tissue layers of the GI tract are constant, with no variation in the different organs.
  1. a false
  2. b wisdom tooth
  3. c alternating waves of contraction
  4. d lymph in intestinal lacteals
  5. e hepatic

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  1. segmentation
  2. pancreas, teeth, liver, salivary glands, gallbladder
  3. enamel
  4. mouth, phaynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestines, large intestines, anus
  5. portal vein

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  1. food leaving the stomachdefecation


  2. order of small intestine divisions starting proximal to the stomachDuodeum, Jejunum, ileum


  3. Chemical Digestionenzymes break down food materials into their building blocks carbohydrates broken into simple sugars
    protein broken into amino acids
    fats broken into fatty acids


  4. the terminal inch of the rectum is called theanal canal


  5. the cardiac sphincter controls the opening of the esophagus into the stomach.true