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  1. the cardiac sphincter controls the opening of the esophagus into the stomach.
  2. expelling feces
  3. order of small intestine divisions starting proximal to the stomach
  4. where is bile stored
  5. the volumes of stomach and duodenum are approximately equal.
  1. a Duodeum, Jejunum, ileum
  2. b defecation
  3. c gallbladder
  4. d true
  5. e false

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  1. alimentary canal
  2. true
  3. true
  4. mixing of food in the mouth by the tongue, churning food in the stomach, segmentation in the small intestine
  5. gallbladder

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  1. The serosa is actually:visceral peritoneum


  2. Segmentationmoving materials back and forth to aid in mixing


  3. The final produce of carbohydrate digestion is a:monosaccharide


  4. peristalsis can be described as a mixing movement.esophagus


  5. the terminal inch of the rectum is called theanal canal