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  1. Which step of deglutition is under voluntary control?
  2. Metabolism
  3. refers to the liver
  4. peristalsis can be described as a mixing movement.
  1. a hepatic
  2. b sum of all chemical reactions in the body
  3. c false
  4. d oral

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  1. ingestion
  2. segmentation
  3. oropharynx to esophagus
  4. Pyloric sphincter
  5. Bolus

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  1. List the functions of the digestive systempancreas, teeth, liver, salivary glands, gallbladder


  2. the enzyme pepsin is concerned primarily with the difgestion of which of the following?proteins


  3. Salivary glandsSaliva-producing glands
    Parotid glands- anterior to the ears
    submandibular glands
    sublingual glands


  4. The process of fat emulsficication consists of:breaking down fats into small droplets


  5. after food has been chewed, it is formed into a small founded mass called a:true