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  1. peristalsis can be described as a mixing movement.
  2. during the process of digestion, stored bile is poured into the duodenum by which of the flowing?
  3. Carbohydrate absorption begins in the mouth via the enzume amylase
  4. Segmentation
  5. which blood vessel carries absorbed nutrients from the GI tact to the liver?
  1. a false
  2. b moving materials back and forth to aid in mixing
  3. c gallbladder
  4. d portal vein
  5. e False

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  1. visceral peritoneum
  2. breaking down fats into small droplets
  3. Bolus
  4. the Liver to the lesser curvature of the stomach
  5. true

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  1. the process of swallowing is known as:breaking down fats into small droplets


  2. Defecationmoving materials back and forth to aid in mixing


  3. food leaving the stomachchyme


  4. the mesentery is fan-shaped projection of the parietal peritoneumcolon


  5. Another name for the third molar is:enamel