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  1. fats are absorbed primarily into which of the following structures?
  2. movement of lower colon and rectum contents at a rate slower than normal can cause:
  3. The volume of saliva secreted per day is:
  4. Segmentation
  5. Peristalsis
  1. a 1liter
  2. b moving materials back and forth to aid in mixing
  3. c lymph in intestinal lacteals
  4. d constipation
  5. e alternating waves of contraction

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  1. sum of all chemical reactions in the body
  2. False
  3. alimentary canal
  4. true
  5. true

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  1. the enzyme amylase converts which of the following?starches to sugars


  2. The serosa is actually:hepatic


  3. process of taking food into the GI tractdegultition


  4. Another name for the third molar is:wisdom tooth


  5. the majority of substance are absorbed in the small intestinecolon