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  1. protein digestion begins in the:
  2. The process of fat emulsficication consists of:
  3. Which step of deglutition is under voluntary control?
  4. Defecation
  5. Carbohydrate absorption begins in the mouth via the enzume amylase
  1. a elimination of digestible substances as feces,
  2. b False
  3. c stomach.
  4. d oral
  5. e breaking down fats into small droplets

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  1. the role is to masticate food, humans have 2 sets of teeth, decidous and adult with 32 teeth ( ages 6-12 years), incisors, canines, premolars, molars
  2. anal canal
  3. sum of all chemical reactions in the body
  4. alternating waves of contraction
  5. proteins

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  1. Mechanical Digestionenzymes break down food materials into their building blocks carbohydrates broken into simple sugars
    protein broken into amino acids
    fats broken into fatty acids


  2. The final produce of carbohydrate digestion is a:degultition


  3. the liver consists of two lobes separated by the falciform ligament.false


  4. Chemical Digestionmixing of food in the mouth by the tongue, churning food in the stomach, segmentation in the small intestine


  5. the volumes of stomach and duodenum are approximately equal.1liter