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1 year

Cooperates with dressing (holds out arms and feet); Pulls off shoes and removes socks; Pushes arms through sleeves and legs through pants

2 years

Removes unfastened coat; Removes shoes if laces are untied; Helps pull down pants; Finds armholes in pullover shirt

2.5 years

Removes pull-down pants with elastic waist; Assists in pulling on socks; Puts on front-button coat or shirt; Unbuttons large buttons

3 years

Puts on pullover shirt with min A; Puts on shoes with fasteners (may be on wrong foot); Puts on socks (heel may be on top); Independently pulls down pants; Zips and unzips jacket; Needs assistance to remove pullover shirt; Buttons large front buttons

3.5 years

Finds front of clothing; Snaps or hooks front fastener; Unzips front zipper on jacket; Puts on mittens; Buttons series of 3-4 buttons; Unbuckles shoes/belt; Dresses with supervision (needs help with front and back)

4 years

Removes pullover garment independently; Buckles shoes/belt; Zips jacket; Puts socks on correctly; Puts on shoes with assistance tying; Laces shoes; Consistently identifies front/back of garment

4.5 years

Puts belt in loops

5 years

Ties and unties knots; Dresses unsupervised

6 years

Closes back zipper; Ties bows; Buttons back buttons; Snaps back snaps

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