24 terms

psychology ch 5

The importance of central nervous system activity for the experience of pain is best highlighted by
phantom limb sensations
Dogs' limited color vision results fromtheir lack of receptor cells for wavelengths of
Under very dim levels of illumination ____ are more light sensitive than ___
rods cones
As people grow older, they are most likely to need glasses because
the lens loses its ability to change shape readily
Weber's law is relevant to an understanding of
difference thresholds
Pablo thinks 75 watt bubs give more light then 60 watt bulbs. His wie thinks they are equally bright. Pablo has a _____ thresholdthan his wife.
smaller difference
Damage to the fovea would have the greatest effect on
visual acuity
Intensity is to brightness as wavelength is to
The impact of boredom and fatigue on people's absolute thresholds is highlighted by
signal detection theory
If a visual image is 1st presented subliminally , the chance of a person later recognizing the same briefly presented image is improved. This best illustrates that information can be
processed outside of concious awareness
Visible lights have ____ wavelengths than radio waves and ____ wavelengths than x rays
shorter longer
Visual information is processed by ganglion cells ____ it is processed by rods and cones and ____ it is processed by bipolar cells
after after
Digital hearing aids produce ____ sound by restricting the range of sound _____
compressed amplitudes
The volley principle is most relevant to understanding how we sense
Infant rats deprived of their mother's grooming touch produce ____ growth hormones and have a ___ metabolic rate
less lower
The absolute threshold for taste sensations is relatively ____ among people who smoke and relatively ___ among people who abuse alchohol
high high
Receptor cells for the vestibular sense send messages to the
Damage to a region of the temporal lobe essential to recognizing faces results in a condition known as
Which of the following is most notablefor its short term effects on thinking
subliminal stimulation
The phenomenon of blindsight best illustrates that visual information can be processed without
concious awareness
Herman von Helmholtz developed both a _____ theory of color discrimination and a _____ theory of pitch discrimination
trichromatic place
Elderly people typically have an especially ____ absolute threshold for _____ pitched sounds
high high
tinnitus is a phantom ___ sensation
the sensory experience fo bending one's knees or raising one's arms exemplifies