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Who is Nat Turner?

He led the bloodiest slave revolt in history in 1831.

What was the Underground Railroad?

It was a secret network of blacks and whites to help slaves escape.

What was a slave breaker?

Someone hired to beat slaves until they were obedient

Who was Fredrick Douglas?

a former slave who toured the north talking to whites about slavery

define oppression

the feeling of being weighed down or held back by severe and unfair force

What happened in 1853

free blacks formed a national council of colored people to protest their unequal treatment

Who could afford slaves?

wealthier plantation owners

Why did the South remain loyal to slavery?

their economy depended on slaves for cotton

How long did slaves work every day?

from dawn to dusk

where did the slaves live?

They had to live crowded in a cabin

name 4 methods slaveholders used to control their slaves

any of these:
whipping, beating, branding, sending them to slave breakers, making them dependent on their masters, keeping them ignorant

3 ways that slaves stood up to their masters

any of these:
breaking tools
pulling down fences
poisoning their masters
setting fires to their masters houses
fighting back when beaten

What age did a slave begin work at?


What was the custom for slave weddings?

jumping over a broomstick

What were "invisible churches"

Slaves that met in secret (in a forest etc.) to sing and dance and worship God in their own way.

What was special about the quilts that black women made?

they had pictures that symbolized many things such as freedom

Where did a urban slave live?

they were able to live on their own

where did a rural slave live?

they lived with their slaveholder

Who was Richard Allen?

he became the 1st bishop of AME (African Methodist episcopal church)

Did slaves receive medical treatment?

yes, but not very good.

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