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1) White Belt Mental Requirements (White to Yellow)

What Is Taekwondo And What Does It Mean?
Korean Martial Art that originated over 2000 years ago.

Tae = Foot Techniques (Kicking & Jumping)

Kwon = Hand Techniques (Blocking & Striking)

Do = Art & Manner Of Life (How you live)
What Is The Bow?
Oriental Form Of Greeting And Symbol Of Respect

(Analogous To Shaking Hands In American Culture)
Why Do You Bow?
To Show Respect
When Do You Bow?
When We Enter/Exit The School

When We Enter/Exit The Dojang (Training Area)

Whenever And Wherever We See Masters, Instructors, And Black Belts
Meaning Of The White Belt

No Knowledge Of Taekwondo
Count From 1 To 5 In Korean
One - Hana
Two - Dule
Three - Set
Four - Net
Five - Dasot
What Are The Tenets Of Taekwondo?
Indomitable Spirit
Self Control
What Does Courtesy Mean?
Be Nice To Others. Treat Others With Respect
What Does Integrity Mean?
Be Honest & Treat Others Fairly
What Does Perseverance Mean?
Never Give Up
What Does Indomitable Spirit Mean?
Keep A Positive Attitude
What Does Self Control Mean?
Control My Thoughts, Words, & Actions
Part Of Foot That Is Used For Rising Kick
Back Of The Heel
Part Of The Foot That Is Used For Front Snap Kick
Ball Of The Foot
Part Of The Foot That Is Used For Roundhouse Kick
Instep (Top) Of The Foot
Part Of The Foot That Is Used For Side Kick
Bottom Of The Heel
Rising Kick
Podo Oligui
Front Snap Kick
Ap Chaggie
Roundhouse Kick
Pique Chaggie
Side Kick
Yop Chaggie
Fighting Stance
Gyorugy Jazae