"Overview of the Skeleton'' LAB EXERCISE 10

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The inner lining of the medullary cavity is

a. made of cancellous bone
b. called the endosteum
c. called the periosteum
d. a and c
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In the coloring figure of the long bone, the epiphyseal plate is shown. Although not mentioned in the lab manual, can you deduce the reason for its presence?

a. it is scar tissue from a previous fracture
b. it is an area of growth between the epiphysis and diphysis during bone development
c. it is callous tissue from overuse of the bone
d. it is the site of a current fracture
The ? on the outside of the long bone is made of hyaline cartilagearticularYellow bone marrow is made of ? tissueadipose cartilageA bone that is as long as it is wide is classified as a ? boneshort boneWhen classified according to shape, the pelvic bone is considered to be ?flatA human skeleton that is taken apart is called a ? skeletondis-articulated skeletonThere are ? bones in a standard human skeleton206The bones of the upper and lower extremities compose the ? skeletonappendicular skeletonRed bone marrow is associated with ? bone tissuespongy-myeloid bone tissueThe ? cartilage articulates with another bone or bone processesarticular cartilageWhen classified according to shape, the femur is a(n) ? bonelong boneThe ? is the central space of the long bonemedullary cavityBONE MARKINGS angleEXAMPLE mandibular anglebodycondylelateral condyle of the femurcrestilliac crestepicondylemedial epicondyle of the humerusfacetvertebral articular facetfissureforamenforamen magum of the occipital bonefossaglenoid fossa of the scapulaheadfibular headlinesuperior nuchal linemarginmeatusexternal auditory meatus of the temporal bonenecknotchtrochlear notchprocessstyloid process of the radiusramussuperior pubic ramussinusspinespine of the scapulasulcustrochantergreater tronchatertuberclelesser tubercle of the humerustuberositydeltoid tuberosity