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French Verbs 1

French verbs with past participles
To go
Aller - Allé (e)(s)
To come
Venir - Venu (e)(s) IRREGULAR
To come back
Revenir - Revenu (e)(s) IRREGULAR
To become
Devenir - Devenu (e)(s) IRREGULAR
To enter/go in
Entrer - Entré (e)(s)
To go back in
Rentrer - Rentré (e)(s)
To go out
Sortir - Sorti (e)(s)
To leave
Partir - Parti (e)(s)
To arrive
Arriver - Arrivé (e)(s)
To return
Retourner - Retourné (e)(s)
To stay
Rester - Resté (e)(s)
To fall
Tomber - Tombé (e)(s)
To be born
Naître - Né (e)(s) IRREGULAR
To die
Mourir - Mort (e)(s) IRREGULAR
To go up/get on
Monter - Monté (e)(s)
To go down/get off
Descendre - Descendu (e)(s)
To pass by
Passer - Passé (e)(s)