Social Studies--Chapter 8: The Colonies Unite (Lesson 2)

Mrs. Wall's 5th Grade

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To have someone speak or act for you.
The act of working against one's own government.
A formal meeting of government representatives.
To refuse to buy or use goods or services.
To cancel, or undo, a law.
imperial policy
Laws and orders issued by the British government.
To work against, or object to, a certain policy.
Mercy Otis Warren
Massachusetts colonist who wrote poems and plays supporting the Patriot cause.
Patrick Henry
Virginia leader who spoke out against British policies and later opposed the Constitution.
Samuel Adams
Revolutionary leader who set up a Committee of Correspondence in Boston and helped form the Sons of Liberty.
Crispus Attucks
African American sailor who was killed during the Boston Massacre.
Paul Revere
Massachusetts colonist who warned the Patriots that the British were marching toward Concord.
New York City
The largest city in New York, originally founded by the Dutch and later taken over by the English; a major port city.
The capital of Massachusetts, located in the eastern part of the state; an important city during the American Revolution.