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Root Position (5th or 4th apart)

Keep common tone, move 2 upper voices stepwise. root doubled.

Root Position (5th or 4th apart) (Soprano voice 2-1)

3 upper voices in similar motion. roots doubled.

Root position (3rd apart)

keep both common tones. remaining voices stepwise. Roots doubled.

Root position 2nd apart

3 upper voices in contrary motion to the bass. Roots doubled.

Any Position: Repeated chords

Proper doubling and range, free to exchange chord factors among voices

First Inversion

Double any triad factor that facilitates smooth voice leading. (Soprano)

First inversion (vii06)

Double bass note. All voices stepwise.

First Inversion (ii06)

Double bass note, stepwise around ii06

Second Inversion

No voice leading pattern. Double bass note, use only 4 types of 64 chords.

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