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Psych 100b Ch. 11

Although instincts are not common to humans, which of the following can be considered an innate tendency for human infants?
Rooting and sucking
Lara's mouth is dry and she realizes that she hasn't had anything to drink all morning. The water level in her cells has dropped and she feels thirsty. Watching people drink large glasses of soda is driving her nuts and the next chance she gets, she will get an extra large drink. Which of the following can be used to explain why she is motivated to get a drink?
A drive-reduction theory
Where is orexin (an appetite hormone) secreted from?
Some students work hard in school to attain high grades. What does this best illustrate the importance of?
Your boss is hiring a new administrative assistant, and is so confident in his ability to read people that he is not bothering to check the applicant's references. What should you say to your boss to help reduce his "interview illusion"?
Don't presume that what you see in the interview is what the person will be like on the job
Which of the following was NOT identified as a contributing factor in the interviewer illusion?
Most interviewers have a tendency to rely on unstructured rather than structured interviews
What is the tendency to maintain a balanced internal state, regulating any aspect of body chemistry around a particular level?
Your father in law thinks that homosexuality activity is a choice people make, not a result of genetics. To dissuade him of this erroneous belief, you might share which of the following research findings?
Researchers have been able to create female fruit flies that, during courtship, act like males AND/OR identical twins are no more likely than fraternal twins to share a cotwin's homosexual orientation
Compared to ineffective managers, those who are effective are more likely to do which of the following?
Celebrate employee productivity by providing recognition and rewards
Jason is a 25 year old homosexual man. Although he is happy with who he is, he wonders why he is homosexual and his 2 younger brothers are not. Which of following might be a partial explanation?
In his fourth month in utero, he was exposed to hormone levels typically experienced by female fetuses
There are a variety of attitudes that people can have towards their work. Which of the following attitudes is associated with people reporting the highest satisfaction with work and life?
Work is a calling; that is, a fulfilling and socially useful activity
Zach's wife complains that every time he practice his guitar and loses track of time and of the needs of the family (ex. crying baby). She thinks it is like he is in another world where nothing else matters to him. What is this focused state of consciousness called?
During which phase of sexual response cycle does the refractory period begin?
A resolution phase
25 year old Raina is happily married. However, she has been feeling much less interested in sexual activates since having her ovaries removed. Which of the following might be causing this?
A drop in her testosterone level
Which hunger-arousing hormone is secreted by an empty stomach?
A friend is feeling very edgy about an upcoming test and is consuming large quantities of starchy, carb foods. But, she is also surprised by how much of this type of food she is eating. What can you tell her that will explain her eating behavior?
Carbs help to increase levels of serotonin, which can have calming effects
After spending years in the ocean, a mature salmon swims up its home river to return to its birthplace. What is this behavior an example of?
An instinct
Maia has plenty of food and lives in a nice house. Now, she feels she needs to find a soulmate, or even a close friend or two, with whom she can share her life. According to Maslow, what is motivating her?
Belongingness and love needs
James is scheduled for a job interview with Ms. Farrar. He knows that she is in charge of selecting, placing, and evaluating empolyees for her firm, but he cannot remember her educational background. Which of the following is most likely Ms. Farrar's educational background?
Personnel psychology
Tyron has serious case of amnesia and has no memory for anything that occurred more than a minute ago. If he was to eat dinner, and then be offered dinner again, what would the likely outcome be?
He would not remember his recent meal, so would eat it readily
When researcher Jim Levine conducted a study where participants were required overfed and under exercised, what activity seemed to account for the fact that some participants like Jeff van Kirk hardly gained any weight?
He was constantly fidgeting.
Fidgeting accounted for what percentage of Jeff's total calorie burn?
Does Dave's anorexia seem to be related to a lack of cognitive understanding of the seriousness of his condition?
Does Dave see a single practitioner to treat his anorexia? What are some aspects of the treatment?
No, a whole team. Medication, therapy, nutritional counselling.
Do the male teenager trying to get "shredded" in the video appear to be confident and socially happy?
Perhaps slightly, not much.
Were the teenagers in the video all overweight previously?
Are there cases where one twin is gay and the other is straight? Does this mean that there is not a genetic basis for sexual orientation?
Yes (gender nonconformity). It's nature, not nurture, but not completely genetic.
What does the video suggest that researchers have found to be a predictor of adult homosexuality?
What is the link between older brothers and male homosexuality? What is one hypothesis regarding the mechanism of this effect?
The more older brothers a man has, the greater probability he will be gay (must also be right-handed). Mother makes antibodies during each male pregnancy.
According to the video, what percentage of women consistently have an orgasm during sex?
In what part of the brain is orgasm "localized"?
Whole brain
When researcher Erik Janssen of the Kinsey Institute interspersed "disturbing" thriller movies with viewing of erotic scenes, what results did he see on participants' sexual response?
Stronger response.