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  1. retribution
  2. august
  3. placate
  4. crestfallen
  5. respite
  1. a to appease, soothe, pacify
  2. b majestic, inspiring admiration and respect
  3. c discouraged, dejected, downcast
  4. d a period of relief or rest
  5. e a repayment; a deserved punishment

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  1. rumpled, mussed; hanging in disorder
  2. one who advocates, speaks for, explains, or interprets
  3. to affirm openly; to state belief in; to claim, pretend
  4. a route of travel; a record of travel; a guidebook
  5. calm, peaceful

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  1. potentone who advocates, speaks for, explains, or interprets


  2. alludeto entice, tempt; to be attractive to; a strong attraction; the power to attract, charm


  3. acquiesceto accept without protest; to agree or submit


  4. elatedcalm, peaceful


  5. wastrela wasteful person, spendthrift; a good-for-nothing