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  1. conclusive
  2. vanguard
  3. acrid
  4. placate
  5. tacit
  1. a to appease, soothe, pacify
  2. b harsh in taste or odor; sharp in manner or temper
  3. c serving to settle an issue; final
  4. d the foremost part of an army; the leading position in any field
  5. e unspoken, silent; implied, inferred

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  1. highly offensive, arousing strong dislike
  2. a false reason, deceptive excuse
  3. winding, having many curves; lithe and flexible
  4. to renounce, repudiate under oath; to avoid, shun
  5. a commonplace, stale, or trite remark

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  1. integritya period of relief or rest


  2. superficialnative or confined to a particular region or people; characteristic of or prevalent in a field


  3. indulgentnot able to be erased or removed; memorable


  4. ruminatea period of relief or rest


  5. clairvoyantsecret, concealed; underhanded