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  1. conflagration
  2. trenchant
  3. disheveled
  4. itinerary
  5. exemplary
  1. a a route of travel; a record of travel; a guidebook
  2. b a large destructive fire
  3. c rumpled, mussed; hanging in disorder
  4. d worthy of imitation, commendable; serving as a model
  5. e incisive, keen; forceful, effective; cutting, caustic; distinct, clear-cut

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  1. discouraged, dejected, downcast
  2. to meditate, think about at length; to chew the cud
  3. to understand, get to the bottom of; to determine the depth of; a measure of depth in water
  4. quarrelsome, inclined to argue
  5. calm, peaceful

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  1. guileto subdue, put down forcibly


  2. elatedin high spirits, jubilant; extremely pleased


  3. indulgentyielding to the wishes or demands of others


  4. callousemotionally hardened, unfeeling


  5. augustto entice, tempt; to be attractive to; a strong attraction; the power to attract, charm