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  1. sonorous
  2. plagiarism
  3. itinerary
  4. fathom
  5. clandestine
  1. a to understand, get to the bottom of; to determine the depth of; a measure of depth in water
  2. b secret, concealed; underhanded
  3. c passing off or using as one's own the writing (or other materials) of another person
  4. d full, deep, or rich in sound; impressive in style
  5. e a route of travel; a record of travel; a guidebook

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  1. to accept without protest; to agree or submit
  2. to be regretted or pitied
  3. yielding to the wishes or demands of others
  4. honesty, high moral standards; an unimpaired condition, completeness, soundness
  5. inactive; at rest

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  1. insuperablenot able to be erased or removed; memorable


  2. conclusivewinding, having many curves; lithe and flexible


  3. ruminateto appease, soothe, pacify


  4. endemicnative or confined to a particular region or people; characteristic of or prevalent in a field


  5. blithein high spirits, jubilant; extremely pleased