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  1. tacit
  2. acquiesce
  3. insuperable
  4. callous
  5. misconstrue
  1. a emotionally hardened, unfeeling
  2. b to interpret wrongly, mistake the meaning of
  3. c unspoken, silent; implied, inferred
  4. d to accept without protest; to agree or submit
  5. e incapable of being overcome

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  1. serving to settle an issue; final
  2. a large destructive fire
  3. harsh, unrelieved, desolate; utterly
  4. not able to be erased or removed; memorable
  5. a commonplace, stale, or trite remark

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  1. professpowerful, highly effective


  2. nocturnalpowerful, highly effective


  3. irrelevantincisive, keen; forceful, effective; cutting, caustic; distinct, clear-cut


  4. sinuousfull, deep, or rich in sound; impressive in style


  5. clairvoyantsupernaturally perceptive; one who possesses extrasensory powers, seer