General knowledge, language, and concepts are seen as parts of...
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repeating some bit of information over and over in one's head in order to maintain it in short-term memorymaintenance rehearsalBits of information are combined into meaningful units so that more information can be held in short-term memory through the process of...chunkingInformation gets from sensory memory to short-term memory through the process of ...selective attentionokdeclarative memories are explicitokprocedural memories are implicitInformation is simultaneously stored across a network that stretches across the brain in theprocessing modelWhich memory system has an unlimited capacity and can keep information for hours or decades?long term memoryThe three parts of the information-processing model of memory are ...sensory short term long termThey are important in helping us remember items stored in longterm memoryretrieval cuesThe processes of encoding, storage, and retrieval are seen as part of the ___________ model of memoryinformation processingdefined as an active system that receives information from the senses, organizes and alters information as it stores it away, and then retrieves the information from storagememoryWhen the sound of the word is the aspect that cannot be retrieved, leaving only the feeling of knowing the word without the ability to pronounce it, this is known astip of tongue effectWhich model of memory is most similar in conceptualization to the way computers function?information processingPersonal facts and memories of one's personal history are parts ofepisodic memoryWhen someone looks at an image, the retina turns the light rays from it into neural messages that go up to the optic nerve so the brain can interpret them. This process is calledencoding