psychology unit 8b 41-80

After receiving an unexpected A on his psychology test, Jordan was easily persuaded to baby-sit his little sister while his parents went out for dinner. This best illustrates the
feel-good, do-good phenomenon.
42)Well-being refers to
self-perceived happiness.
43)Which of the following best illustrates the concept of relative deprivation?
Margie was happy with her salary until she heard that her co-worker was making more for the same job.
44) Enjoying your second piece of pie less than your first illustrates
the diminishing returns phenomenon.
45) During the last four decades, the buying power of Americans has ________ and their self-reported personal happiness has ________.
increased; remained almost unchanged
46)The adaptation-level phenomenon refers to the tendency for our judgments of objects and events to be heavily influenced by our
previous experiences.
47) Which of the following best explains why both million-dollar lottery winners and paraplegics report similar levels of happiness?
the adaptation-level phenomenon
48)A disturbing implication of the adaptation-level phenomenon is that
seeking happiness through financial security requires ever-increasing wealth.
49)You were happy with your grade of B on the psychology test until you learned that almost everyone else in the class received an A. This illustrates that happiness is influenced by
relative deprivation
50)Research suggests that people experience the most happiness when they are
absorbed in challenging activities.
51)One way for people to improve their own satisfaction with life is to
participate in regular aerobic exercise.
52)A general sense of happiness or life satisfaction is most unrelated to whether people
are well educated.
53)The subfield of psychology that provides psychology's contribution to the prevention and treatment of illness is known as
health psychology.
54)The university's psychology department and school of medicine are cosponsoring a new professional program that applies behavioral and medical knowledge to health and disease. They are clearly offering a new degree in
behavioral medicine
55)While taking a difficult test, Cindy's muscles tense and her heart pounds. These physiological responses are
stress reactions.
56)In a stressful situation, feelings of pain are dulled by
the sympathetic nervous system.
57)In response to stress, the adrenal glands release
58)Walter Cannon observed that a variety of stressors trigger
a fight-or-flight reaction.
59)After Georgiana learns that a tornado has destroyed her house, her brain probably directed the outer part of her adrenal glands to react by
secreting cortisol
60)During which phase of the general adaptation syndrome are organisms best able to physically cope with stress?
61)Margo never enjoys spring break because at the end of every finals week she catches a bad cold. Margo is most likely in which stage of the general adaptation syndrome?
Hypertension rates are highest in those European countries where people report the lowest
satisfaction with life
63)Who is the best example of a Type A personality?
Mara, an irritable, impatient teacher
64)Who is the best example of a Type A personality?
Philip, a competitive, hot-tempered corporation president
65)Who is the best example of a Type B personality?
Wang Lung, a relaxed, easygoing dentist
66)Who is the best example of a Type B personality?
Mauriucca, a relaxed, understanding social worker
67)Who would be MOST susceptible to heart disease?
Marvin, an impatient lawyer who often becomes irritated with family and friends over insignificant matters
68)Heart disease and depression may both result when chronic stress triggers
persistent inflammation.
69)The study of how psychological, neural, and endocrine processes combine to affect our immune system and health is called
70)The white blood cells that fight bacterial infections and attack cancer cells and viruses are called
71)Natural killer cells are part of the body's
immune system
72)The macrophage and lymphocytes are major agents of the
immune system
73)By attacking the body's own tissues, an overly reactive immune system is most likely to cause
74)AIDS is a disorder of the
immune system
75)The secretion of stress hormones
draws energy away from immune activity
76)Stress is most likely to speed the progression from HIV to AIDS by
inhibiting the production of lymphocytes.
77)When experimenters implanted tumor cells into rodents, those exposed to ________ were more prone to cancer.
inescapable shocks
78)Despite the very stressful events in his life, Mark has been able to maintain good health. This is because of his persistent optimism and the emotional support of his family. An integrated understanding of Mark's well-being is most clearly provided by
a biopsychosocial approach
79)The James-Lange theory of emotion states that
to experience emotion is to be aware of our physiological responses to an emotion-arousing event.
80 Which of the following suggests that the experience of emotion results from an awareness of our own physiological responses to an emotion-arousing event?
James-Lange theory