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Drinkable (CP Only)
Water going into the ground
Water Table
underground surface below which the ground is wholly saturated with water
a body of rock or sediment that stores groundwater and allows the flow of groundwater
Artesian Formation
A sloping layer of permeable rock sandwiched by 2 layers of impermeable rock. Water is under pressure.
Capillary Action
The combination of adhesion and cohesion that allows water to travel up small spaces
a naturally formed underground chamber or series of chambers most commonly produced by dissolving limestone.
stored soil water is gone and the need for moisture is greater than the rainfall
a natural hot spring that occaisionally sprays water and steam above ground
water that infiltrates the soil and is located in underground reservoirs called aquifers
Karst topography
a type of landscape in rainy regions where there is limestone near the surface, characterized by caverns, sinkholes, and valleys
Mineral deposit
What forms when groundwater cools or evaporates?
Ordinary well
a well that is dug or filled down to the water table
the ability of a rock or sediment to let fluids pass through its open spaces, or pores
percentage of open spaces in a rock or sediment
new water that enters the aquifer from the surface
a place where groundwater seeps out of the ground
the condition of having rainfall greater than the need for moisture when the soil is already saturated
the condition where plants draw water form the soil at times when the need for moisture is greater than the rainfall.
Water budget
describes the income and the spending of water in a region
characteristic of materials through which water does not easily pass, such as clay and granite
completely filled
Zone of Aeration
region in ground where pore spaces are filled with air
Zone of Saturation
region in ground where pore spaces are completely filled with water
Capillary fringe
region above the water table with water drawn up by capillary action
Cone of Depression
lowered area of a water table produced by pumping water from a well
earth materials which do not allow the free movement of groundwater through it
the countries largest aquifer located under the high plains (CP Only)
Perched Water Table
where an aquitard creates a local zone of saturation above the main water table
Pressure surface
The level that water in an artesian well will reach
Hard water
water that contains high amounts of minerals (as calcium and magnesium ions) that limit the formation of lather with soap