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Handout on 2/19/2010. Updated 3/3/2010. Answers are now final.

a significant procedure may not

be coded in addition to the principal diagnosis

a diagnosis cannot be coded if

there is no documentation in the report

the use of the fifth digit is required only when

none of the above

when codes are listed in slanted brackets in the alphabetical index it indicates that

both codes must be listed in the specified order

on the CMS form physicians will not be reimbursed if

six ICD-9 s are listed

review of systems would be located in which medical report

history and physical

CMS means

center for medicare and medicaid services


durable medical equipment prosthetics orthotics and supplies

abuse is


an EOB

All of the above

presence of possib.e lung cancer as evidenced by presence of masses


this 19-year-old male received repair of his right cheek right ear and back of his neck the 2.3 laceration his neck required repair of the subcutaneous tissues whereas the laceration to his cheek which was 2cm and the ear which was 1 cm required repair of the subcutaneous and superficial fascia

12032, 12004

family history is a standard element in what type of medical report

history and physical exam

if 22-year-old patient sees another physician to obtain a second opinion consult about possible surgery and the history is detailed the exam is comprehensive and the medical decision making is moderate what is the code for this visit


IPA is

all of the above


is joint commission on accreditation of hospital organizations


all of the above

this 67-year-old female is diagnosed with renal failure and hypertension



insurance coverage to cover the costs of deductibles


uniform hospital discharged data set


both B and C

percutaneous skeletal fixation is

none of the above


both A and B

staff model HMO is

a group of physicians who are employees of an organization that provide health care


caused by gonorrhea and chlamydial infection


the space between two neurons

sympathetic nerves

are autonomic

appendicular skeleton

includes the arms

accommodation is

ophthalmic adjustment


is transurethral resection of prostate

which of the following is not a part of the heart


pleural effusion is

often characterized by empyema

grading of neoplasms is

useful in determining prognosis for patient

tomography is

a series of pictures


Surgical puncture of a joint to removal of fluid

postural problems do not include


part of the small intestine do not include


planes of the body do not include


which of the following is not an endocrine gland


cellulitis is characterized by

inflammation of the skin

gouty arthritis

caused by a buildup of uric acid

ovarian cysts do not include


rhabdomyoma is coded as

either a benign or malignant neoplasm of the connective tissue

fluorescein angiography is not used to detect

retinal detachment

what type of error is in the following billing scenario?


what type of billing error is in the following billing scenario? this 29-day-old female infant is seen by the pediatrician for one hour and 15 minutes for the first time in critical care. these services are coded as 99293


what type of error is in the following billing scenario? this 29-year-old male patient is diagnosed with glomerulonephritis due to diphtheria which is coded as 580.81

insufficient diagnosis

what type of error is in the following billing scenario? this 59-year-old male has been diagnosed with heart disease and malignant hypertension this is coded as 402.00

this question is deleted

what type of error is in the following scenario? this 49-year-old male patient is coded as 31200 for the procedure and 786.50 for diagnosis


what type of error is in the following billing scenario? this 24-year-old male patient receives services coded as 59100


mohs' surgery is performed in a 55-year-old patient what modifier would be used

5 8

a 33-year-old female patient has ORIF for a fracture while visiting out of state when she returns to her home state she visits her physician the correct modifier would be


which of the following is not a combination vaccine code


clinical pathology consultation is not

reporting of results without interpretative judgement

vaginal delivery after a previous cesarean delivery is coded as


procedures associated with central venous access catheters so not include


fractures/dislocations are coded as


a procedure that arthrodesis may be performed in conjunction with is

all of the above

critical care visits are not based on


if a seven-year-old patient had a well check two days ago and returns with complaints of severe headache with a history and exam that were expanded problem focused and medical decision making that is straightforward this would be coded as


patient received closed treatment of a compound fracture of the shaft of the radius with manipulation what are the proper codes

813.21, 25505

which of the following is not a type of salmonella


co-morbidities are not considered in selecting an E/M code

unless their presence significantly increases the complexity of the medical decision

when multiple procedures are performed

proper anesthesia code is the code for the most complex procedure

which of the following is not a type of ectopic pregnancy


patient has an incomtetent cervix that resulted in an incomplete spontaneous abortion

634.71, 654.53

this 29-year-old patient received second stage mohs' surgery for seven specimens which included immunohistochemisry

17305, 17310x2, 88342 -(17315 would be the proper updated code as 17305 has been deleted

this 56-year-female is diagnosed with diabetic maculae

250.50, 362.01

in the icd-9 book destruction is not


the extension of the foot downward is

plantar flexion

what is the basic unit for an APC visit

outpatient visit

an authorization for release of information would not include

patient's previous hospitalization

this 28-year-old male is diagnosed with prostatocystitis due to staphylococcus

601.3, 041.1 (041.19 would be the proper updated code)


The person responsible for payment of services

an eponym is

a person's name

palliative means

relieving but not curing

in vitro means

experiments conducted outside of an organism

side effects of radiotherapy do not include


OD means

right ear

medical necessity

provides linkage between CPT and ICD-9 codes

this 34-year-old woman with a history of multiparity presents today for sterilization

V25.2, V61.5

a CVA is not caused by


this 51-year-old male who has ESRD had Gortex graft arteriovenous fistula inserted

585.6, 36830

what is a Fowler-Stephens procedure


this 2-year-old male received a 20 graft to his right leg after having been burned three months ago when a pot of hot water fell in him

15220, 1500

this 31-year-old male has an open rotator cuff repair


what is not a type of presenting problem for E/M codes


wadge ovary specimen was submitted for microscopic pathology which included special staining

88305, 88312

this 56-year-old patient is having surgical complications from his colostomy which is malfunctioning


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