16 terms

the heart. Ch 15 part 1

what is the cardiovascular system composed of?
heart and blood vessels
there are two circuits of blood vessels. what are they?
pulmonary and systemic circuits
What brings deoxygenated blood to lungs and deposits excess carbon dioxide
pulmonary circuit
what brings oxygenated blood to body tissues and removes carbon dioxide
systemic circuit
how long is the average adult heart
14 cm long 9 cm wide
the heart is located within portion of thoracic cavity called
the heart is bounded laterally by the what?
in the posterior the heart is bounded by what?
esophagus and vertebral column
in the anterior, the heart is bounded by what?
the superior portion of heart is called ?
the interior portion of heart is alled the
the heart points slightly to left, terminating just above what?
the base of the heart is beneath what?
second rib
where does the apex lie?
below space between fifth and sixth ribs
A person who receives an injection of antibodies or antitoxin has
artificialy aquired passive immunity.
When antibodies pass through placental membrane from pregnant woman to her fetus, the fetus develops
naturally aquired immunity.