Management: Exam 1

The art of getting things done through people.
getting the most output from the least amount of inputs.
Multiplier Effect
a manager's influence on the organization has implications far beyond the results that can be achieved by one person acting alone.
Skilled, effective managers
The scarcest, most valuable resource in business is not financial capital but
Understanding how to relate to and interact with your supervisors and co-workers.
The most likely payoff of studying management as a discipline?
Competitive Advantage
The ability of an organization to outperform others by producing goods or services more effectively than its competitors is called its
Take care of the customer
In seeking competitive advantage, the first law of business is to . . .
Finding ways to deliver new or better goods or services is called
globalization has leveled the playing field for emerging economies.
The concept of a "flat" world means
Aziz immediately halted production at his facility after seeing a report indicating the last batch had a high level of product defects, and restarted work only when the problem was discovered and fixed. Aziz is engaged in which management function?
In the traditional management pyramid, managers are classified into ______ levels.
Middle Managers
Managers who implement the policies and plans determined at the highest levels and coordinate the activities of lowest-level managers are called
According to researcher Robert Katz, which of the following is one of three principal skills acquired by experienced managers?
all types
Human skills are important for ________ managers.
Giving a wide range of orders authoritatively
Which of the following is not a chief skill companies seek in top managers today?
Provides clues to the meaning of your managers' decisions
A good reason for studying theoretical perspectives of management is that it
Both the classical management view and the management science perspective consider an organization to be a(n) ________; as a simplification for analysis this may work, but in reality it would open up the organization to spectacular failure.
Scientific Management
______ emphasized the scientific study of work methods to improve productivity of individual workers.
Behavioral Viewpoint
emphasizes the importance of understanding human actions and of motivating employees toward achievement?
Hugo Munsterberg
Father of industrial psychology.
Mary Parker Follet
The idea that the work process should be under the control of workers with the relevant knowledge, rather than that of managers, who should act as facilitators, was developed by
Hawthorne Studies
Which research, though flawed, drew attention to the idea that managers using good human relations could improve worker productivity?
Theory X
Amanda was a tough manager and made it a regular practice to check up on her staff, looking for cheating on timesheets and people coming back late from lunch. Her employees were often dissatisfied with Amanda since she was a(n) ________ manager.
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth identified 17 basic units of ______, each of which they called a "therblig."
Reward employees equally and consistently
Which of the following is not one of the principles proposed by Fredrick Taylor to eliminate soldiering?
Clear division of labor
a positive feature of bureaucracy, according to Max Weber?
Discounts the importance of human needs
The most significant flaw in the classical viewpoint is that it
The ______ viewpoint sees organizations as entities made up of interrelated parts known as inputs, outputs, transformation processes, and feedback.
Even though the Russian government is inefficient in the way it collects taxes, it is still an example of a(n)
85%, 15%
Deming proposed that when something goes wrong, chances are __________ that the system is at fault, and __________ that the individual worker is at fault.