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loose associations

fragmented thoughts- not connected

Cant go to money.......oh...i have a the problem?.......they run....


invented words-symbolic to pt related to delusion

"iam afraid to go to the hospital because the grudigs are looking for em there"

word salad

random words with no associations

Iam sale......lazy boy......take it slow...time.....poop......chocolate pie.....up there

flight of ideas

rapid speech with out pause


talking then stops to say they forgot what they were gonna say

clang associations

rhyming words
bow show doe hoe go hum bum


filling in memory gaps with fantasy


idea, impulse, or emotion that a person cannot stop or put out of his consciousness


involuntary repetition of same thought, phrase or motor response to different questions or situations
stuck on a thought


subjective, highly individualized associations that are derived from within the patient
internal stimulation


detailed story to get to the point or to answer a question


progression of thought that move away from the question posed or respond to the communication offered

going off from train of thought


intrapsychic conflict converted and expressed in a symbolic somatic symptom
blind for an hour
numbness in hand


preoccupation with body symptoms and state of health regardless of neg tests
usually focused on a specific organ such as heart or lungs


multiple physiological complaints with no related cause --related to emotional rather than physiological causes

somatic delusion

fixed false belief about one's state of health or bodily functions
my legs are broken
i have no organs
iam bleeding every where


repetitive act patient feels driven to


persistent thought patient is unable to control


irrational, unrealistic fear of objects or situations


repetitive speculation, often circular in nature, that interferes with rational thinking: excessive worrying
always thinking of the worst
always thinking of consequences


fixed false belief that cannot be changed by an appeal to reason
wife is cheating on me
she is planning to kill me
god will come for me today
I talked to god

delusion of control

thoughts of being controlled or influenced by outside forces


feeling unrealistically important

super hero
i can fly off this building
i am god


extreme suspiciousness and delusions of persecutions; belief of being singled out for unfair treatment

ideas of reference

incorrect interpretations of actual events, giving them special meaning to the person involved

everything has to do with the patient
that sign means i should take 3 steps to the left
she is wearing those boots because she wants to kick me


sensation of having experienced current feelings before


subjective/false sensory perceptions that can occur in any sensory modality
auditory, taste, smell


misinterpretation of real sensory experienced

a vase of flowers may look like a cat sitting on its hind legs


outward presentation of emotion
blunted (reduction in intensity), flat (lack of expression), restricted, sad, angry


happy, labile, depressed, angry

orientation test

ask person place and time

attention and concentration test

subtract 7's

memory test

remember 3 things
ask to repeat at end of conversation

general intelligence test

define a word

abstract thinking test

take a situation and make it general
dont count your chickens before the eggs hatch

insight and judgement test

what would you do if.........

perception and coordination test


lethality assessment

have you had thoughts of killing yourself?
do you have a plan?
do they have equipment to do so?
is there a hx of attempts?

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