Set 2 psychology, biology of the mind

58 terms by LOCAXCRISTO

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sleeping disorders, drugs, biology


it's a sleeping disorder, sleep attack, uncontrollable sleepiness


lack of orexin

Manifest content

according to Freud, the remembered storyline of a dream

latent content

Latent content: underline meaning of your dream,

latent content

symbolic meaning of a dream

according to freud

Adult dreams can be traced to erotic wishes.


Initial high followed by relaxation and disinhibiton


Alcohol, Heroin, Morphine


Cocaine, Meth, Nicotine, ecstasy, marijuana


Euphoria, alertness, energy. Irritability, insomnia, hypertension, seizures.


Rush of euphoria, relief from pain. Depression, agonizing withdrawal.


Rush of euphoria, confidence, energy. Cardiovascular stress, suspiciousness, depressive crash


Arousal and relaxation, sense of well being. Heart disease, cancer


Emotional elevation, disinhibition. Dehydration, overheating, depressed mood, impaired cognitive and immune functioning.

Ecstasy is a

stimulant and has mild hallucination


Enhanced sensation, relief of pain, distortion of time, relaxation. Impaired learning and memory, increased risk of psychological disorders , lung damage from smoke

Marijuana is a

stimulant and has mild hallucination


occurs when a person's reaction to a drug decreases so they need larger and larger doses to have the same effect

psychology dependence

how your mind is accustomed to using the drug.

psychology dependence

an addiction in which the mind sends the body a message that it needs more of a drug.

Physiological dependence

the body withdrawals

physiological dependence

a condition in which the user has a chemical need for a drug.

Franz Gall

Bumps of your skull. It speculated that bumps on your skull determined your abilities, and personality.


Study skull to assess your personality type


nerve cells


are like branches, and receive the neural impulse, receives the message

Cell body/Soma

is the factory of the neuron that produces all the protein for the dendrite


carries the message away from the cell body

myelin sheath

insulates the axon from neural activity

myelin sheath

a layer of fatty tissue encasing a neuron's axon that speeds transmission

Wodes of ranvier

The gaps between the myelin sheath


Gap between neurons

sypnatic cleft

sends message without touching


are chemical messages that cross the synaptic cleft between neurons.


enables muscle action, learning, and memory.

abbreviation for ach


A lack of ach has been linked to

alzehmeirs disease


Influences movement, leaning, attention, and emotion

Dopamine is linked to

Schizophrenia. Parkinson's diseases.


affects mood, hunger, sleep and arousal. depressed.

lack of serotonin can cause



helps control alertness and arousal

Lack of norepinephrine can cause


Nervous System

the complex internal communication network of the human body; made up of the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS)

Peripheral nervous system

All those nerves that lie outside the brain and spinal cord.

Peripheral nervous system is

AUTONOMIC controls self-regulated action of internal organs and glands


controls voluntary movements of skeletal muscles


self-controlling part of the nervous system






are chemicals synthesized by the endocrine glands that are secreted in the bloodstream

Hormones affect

the brain and many other tissues of the body

master gland

Pituitary gland is also called the

Pituitary gland

regulates your growth, has many different hormones.

Pituitary glands release hormones that

affect other glands:

Thyroid gland

This produces hormones that regulate metabolism, body heat, and bone growth.

Thyroid glands affect your



Male and female sex glands

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