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  1. Thyroid gland
  2. Neurotransmitters
  3. Manifest content
  4. latent content
  1. a are chemical messages that cross the synaptic cleft between neurons.
  2. b This produces hormones that regulate metabolism, body heat, and bone growth.
  3. c symbolic meaning of a dream
  4. d according to Freud, the remembered storyline of a dream

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  1. controls voluntary movements of skeletal muscles
  2. Gap between neurons
  3. stimulant and has mild hallucination
  4. Cocaine, Meth, Nicotine, ecstasy, marijuana
  5. Emotional elevation, disinhibition. Dehydration, overheating, depressed mood, impaired cognitive and immune functioning.

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  1. Peripheral nervous systemAll those nerves that lie outside the brain and spinal cord.


  2. Parasympatheticcontrols voluntary movements of skeletal muscles


  3. according to freudAdult dreams can be traced to erotic wishes.


  4. MarijuanaEnhanced sensation, relief of pain, distortion of time, relaxation. Impaired learning and memory, increased risk of psychological disorders , lung damage from smoke


  5. sypnatic cleftcontrols voluntary movements of skeletal muscles