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  1. Physiological dependence
  2. Nicotine
  3. Pituitary glands release hormones that
  4. myelin sheath
  5. according to freud
  1. a a layer of fatty tissue encasing a neuron's axon that speeds transmission
  2. b affect other glands:
  3. c Arousal and relaxation, sense of well being. Heart disease, cancer
  4. d the body withdrawals
  5. e Adult dreams can be traced to erotic wishes.

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  1. symbolic meaning of a dream
  2. regulates your growth, has many different hormones.
  3. sends message without touching
  4. affects mood, hunger, sleep and arousal. depressed.
  5. Influences movement, leaning, attention, and emotion

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  1. Phrenologistlack of orexin


  2. Neuronsare chemicals synthesized by the endocrine glands that are secreted in the bloodstream


  3. Peripheral nervous system isAll those nerves that lie outside the brain and spinal cord.


  4. physiological dependencean addiction in which the mind sends the body a message that it needs more of a drug.


  5. psychology dependencea condition in which the user has a chemical need for a drug.