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  1. Neurons
  2. narcolepsy
  3. Marijuana is a
  4. Nicotine
  5. Sympathetic
  1. a Arousal and relaxation, sense of well being. Heart disease, cancer
  2. b stimulant and has mild hallucination
  3. c arousing
  4. d lack of orexin
  5. e nerve cells

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  1. Gap between neurons
  2. Latent content: underline meaning of your dream,
  3. acetycholine
  4. Enhanced sensation, relief of pain, distortion of time, relaxation. Impaired learning and memory, increased risk of psychological disorders , lung damage from smoke
  5. AUTONOMIC controls self-regulated action of internal organs and glands

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  1. Pituitary glandPituitary gland is also called the


  2. myelin sheathinsulates the axon from neural activity


  3. axoncarries the message away from the cell body


  4. Dopamine is linked toSchizophrenia. Parkinson's diseases.


  5. Pituitary glands release hormones thatmetabolism.