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  1. Dopamine is linked to
  2. Somatic
  3. Parasympathetic
  4. Franz Gall
  5. Cell body/Soma
  1. a Bumps of your skull. It speculated that bumps on your skull determined your abilities, and personality.
  2. b calming
  3. c is the factory of the neuron that produces all the protein for the dendrite
  4. d Schizophrenia. Parkinson's diseases.
  5. e controls voluntary movements of skeletal muscles

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  1. Male and female sex glands
  2. Latent content: underline meaning of your dream,
  3. it's a sleeping disorder, sleep attack, uncontrollable sleepiness
  4. nerve cells
  5. carries the message away from the cell body

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  1. sypnatic cleftGap between neurons


  2. StimulantsCocaine, Meth, Nicotine, ecstasy, marijuana


  3. physiological dependencehow your mind is accustomed to using the drug.


  4. lack of serotonin can causedepression


  5. Manifest contentaccording to Freud, the remembered storyline of a dream


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