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  1. Neurotransmitters
  2. Peripheral nervous system is
  3. latent content
  4. Thyroid glands affect your
  1. a metabolism.
  2. b are chemical messages that cross the synaptic cleft between neurons.
  3. c Latent content: underline meaning of your dream,
  4. d AUTONOMIC controls self-regulated action of internal organs and glands

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  1. affect other glands:
  2. Rush of euphoria, relief from pain. Depression, agonizing withdrawal.
  3. arousing
  4. are like branches, and receive the neural impulse, receives the message
  5. stimulant and has mild hallucination

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  1. NicotineArousal and relaxation, sense of well being. Heart disease, cancer


  2. Nervous Systemlack of orexin


  3. Somaticcontrols voluntary movements of skeletal muscles


  4. EcstasyEmotional elevation, disinhibition. Dehydration, overheating, depressed mood, impaired cognitive and immune functioning.


  5. SynapseGap between neurons