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  1. acetycholine
  2. according to freud
  3. Sympathetic
  4. Peripheral nervous system
  5. Cocaine
  1. a arousing
  2. b enables muscle action, learning, and memory.
  3. c Adult dreams can be traced to erotic wishes.
  4. d All those nerves that lie outside the brain and spinal cord.
  5. e Rush of euphoria, confidence, energy. Cardiovascular stress, suspiciousness, depressive crash

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  1. insulates the axon from neural activity
  2. regulates your growth, has many different hormones.
  3. acetycholine
  4. the complex internal communication network of the human body; made up of the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS)
  5. calming

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  1. latent contentArousal and relaxation, sense of well being. Heart disease, cancer


  2. GonadsGap between neurons


  3. Hormonesare chemicals synthesized by the endocrine glands that are secreted in the bloodstream


  4. sypnatic cleftsends message without touching


  5. DepressantAlcohol, Heroin, Morphine