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  1. psychology dependence
  2. Thyroid gland
  3. Synapse
  4. Nicotine
  5. Marijuana
  1. a an addiction in which the mind sends the body a message that it needs more of a drug.
  2. b Arousal and relaxation, sense of well being. Heart disease, cancer
  3. c This produces hormones that regulate metabolism, body heat, and bone growth.
  4. d Enhanced sensation, relief of pain, distortion of time, relaxation. Impaired learning and memory, increased risk of psychological disorders , lung damage from smoke
  5. e Gap between neurons

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  1. Schizophrenia. Parkinson's diseases.
  2. controls voluntary movements of skeletal muscles
  3. depression
  4. AUTONOMIC controls self-regulated action of internal organs and glands
  5. Pituitary gland is also called the

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  1. Hormonesnerve cells


  2. Ecstasy is aRush of euphoria, confidence, energy. Cardiovascular stress, suspiciousness, depressive crash


  3. myelin sheathEuphoria, alertness, energy. Irritability, insomnia, hypertension, seizures.


  4. Neurotransmittersnerve cells


  5. Pituitary glandregulates your growth, has many different hormones.


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