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A reaction of a hydrocarbon, in which carbon dioxide and water are produced, is classified as a

combustion reaction.

In what kind of reaction do two or more substances combine to form a new compound?

synthesis reaction

The reaction Cl2(g) + 2KBr(aq) ® 2KCl(aq) + Br2(l) is a(n)

displacement reaction.

______ reactions release energy.


Which of the following coefficients are needed to balance the combustion reaction of ethanol?


The compound calcium hydroxide is formed by the following __________ reaction.


Calcium hydroxide is formed by the following synthesis reaction: . Calcium hydroxide is a _____ compound.


How would you classify the following reaction that forms hydrogen and oxygen gases?


Identify the following reaction: Cl2(g) + 2NaBr(aq) -->2NaCl(aq) + Br2(l)


Which type of ions remains in the solution after a chemical reaction has been completed?

spectator ions

The equation A + BX >> AX + B is the general equation for a

displacement reaction.

The oxidation number of calcium (Ca) in CaCl2 is 3.


Fe + CuSO4 Cu + Fe2(SO4)3 is a balanced equation for the redox reaction.


The gain of electrons is called


A single reaction where oxidation and reduction take place is called

a redox reaction.

Which is the most electronegative element?


Determine the oxidation number of sulfur in NaHSO4.


a substance that oxidizes another substance by accepting its electron.

oxidizing agent

Which of the following tips should be used when balancing redox reactions?
Assign oxidation numbers to atoms in all species
Balance each separate half reaction
Write the reaction as two separate "half reactions": one for the oxidation, and one for the reduction
All of the above


In what kind of reaction does one element replace a similar element in a compound?

displacement reaction

In the chemical equation , the spectator ions are Al3+ and .


When double-replacement reactions in aqueous solution produce water, the number of solvent particles decreases.


The net ionic equation of is .


There are no spectator ions in the following equation:


In an aqueous solution all ions are present. Some of these ions will react, however, some will not. The ions that do not react in solution are called _____.

Spectator ions

shows all aqueous ions for a reaction.

total ionic equation

The loss of one or more electrons from an atom is called


Substances that cause the oxidation of other substances are

oxidizing agents.

What reaction occurs when calcium phosphate and sulfuric acid make calcium sulfate and phosphoric acid?

double replacement

An ionic equation that includes only the particles that participate in the reaction is called a complete ionic equation.


The first rule in assigning an oxidation number is to identify the formula.


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