27 Amendments

1. Right to Freedom of Religion, 2. Right to Freedom of Speech, 3. Right to Freedom of the Press, 4. Right to Assemble, 5. Right to Petition the Government
1. Right to Keep and Bare Arms
1. Right to Privacy in Your Own Home
1. Right of People to be Secure in Their Persons, Houses, Papers, and Effects
1. Right to Trial by Jury, 2. Right to NO Double Jeopardy, 3.Right to Remain Silent, 4. Right to be Denied Life, Liberty, or Property without Due Process of the Law, 5. Right to Protect Your Property Rights
1. Right to be Told the Exact Nature of the Charges Against You, 2. Right for the Accused to be Allowed a Trial by Jury, But They Also May Ask to be Only Tried Against a Judge, 3. Right to Hear and Question All the Witnesses Against You, 4. Right to Call Witnesses in Their Own Defense, 5. Right to Have a Lawyer
1. Right to Trial by Jury if the Amount of Money Involved is More Than $20
1. Right to Forbid Excessive Bail, 2. Right to Forbid Cruel and Unusual Punishments
1. Right That People's Rights Are Not Limited to Those Mentioned in the Constitution
1. Right to Any Powers the Constitution Does Not Specifically Give to the National Government are Reserved for the States or for the People
1. Right to Have a Lawsuit Heard in State Court Rather Than Federal Court
1. Right to Guarantee the President and Vice-President must Receive Majority Votes
1. Right that Nobody Will be a Slave or Put into Involuntary Servitude
1. Right to Anyone Born in the United States is a U.S. Citizen and Entitled Equal Protection of the Laws
1. Right That Insures Citizens the Right to Vote
1. Right That Congress Can Have the Power to Place and Collect Taxes on Incomes, from any Source Resulting, without Meeting among Several States, and without Regarding to Voting
1. Right that the Senate of the United States is Made Up of Two Senators from Each State, and Elected by the People for Six Years
1. Right That the Creation, Sale, or Transportation of Alcoholic Liquors within the Importation or the Exportation from the United States and all Territory Subject to the Authority for Beverage Purposes is Prohibited
1. Right to the United States Citizens to Vote is Not to be Left Without or Condensed by the United States or by Any State on Account of Gender
1. To Condense the Time between the President's and Vice President's Election and Induction, and to End "Lame-Duck" Sessions of Congress
1. The Transportation or Importation into Any State, Territory, or Possession of the United States for Delivery or Use within Alcoholic Liquors is Not Allowed
1. Presidents May Only Be Allowed to Two Terms in Terms in Office
1. Right to People Living in the District of Columbia Have the Right to Vote in Presidential Elections
1. Right to U.S. Citizens to Vote in any Main Election, Shall Not be Denied or Shortened the Right to Vote by the United States or Any State by Reason of Failure to Pay Any Poll Tax or Other Tax
1. The Vice President will Become President if the President Dies, Resigns, or is Impeached
1. Right That Made U.S. Citizens of 18-Years-Old are Eligible to Vote in all Federal, State, and Local Elections
1. Any Increase in the Salaries of Members of Congress will Take Effect in the Next Session of Congress