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9th Grade C.S. Level D Unit 1 2013


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not free to leave, trapped, unable to escape or get away

"This ___________ hawk lives at a bird shelter. It has a broken wing, and cannot return to the wild."
to move in a fluid in circles

"It was fun to watch the bubbles ____________ around in the pond."
to move smoothly along

"The ice skater liked to _________ across the ice."
suction cup
a flexible circular object that holds tightly to a surface when the air is squeezed out of it.

"I have a _________ _________ on my window. I hang little decorations from it."
work out
figure out

"Angela tried to _______ _________ a math problem in her homework."
to push or throw something into a liquid

"These silly people are going to _______________ themselves into that icy water. Wow!!"
A big water animal that lives in Africa
not deep

"I stood in the ________________ water and watched the fish swim between my feet."
a long, snakelike creature that lives in the water
a pair of soft fabric coverings, connected by a band across the top of the head, that are worn over the ears to protect them from cold or noise

"This woman is wearing a scarf and ___________."
an official document that gives a person or company the right to be the only one that makes or sells a product for a certain period of time

"This is a picture from a ________________ for a special bike seat."
"issued by"
given by, granted by

"My passport is ________________ the U.S. government"
to cut off (part of a person's body)

"Doctors ________________ my uncle's left foot after he got a bad infection in it."
an artificial device that replaces a missing or injured part of the body

"This runner is switching from one _______________ to another. He's wearing a special one for a race."
to throw a baseball to a batter
a little wet

"His hands were _________ after he washed them."
a door that is hidden in a floor or ceiling

"The front door was completely blocked by snow, so the man went through the ____________ in the roof."
"drain cycle"
When a clothes washer spins water out of the clothes and into the washtub.
"driving force behind ___"
the person or thing who has done the most work to make something happen
"in a flash"
all at once
mental energy
the work it takes to think of something
short and thick
to look through (something)

"I was surprised to see my sister __________ through my clothes. Then I remember I borrowed her sweater."
stable and strong
think about
drew himself up
sat or stood up a little taller
crazy, insane
my heart was knocking against my ribs
my heart was beating fast
to look at something or someone with your eyes very open in a way that shows that you are surprised, amazed, etc.
"too hard to swallow"
a phrase that means something is too hard to believe
"You are going around in a circle"
Your answers for things are a re-statement of your question.
to make a quick, high cry or bark
shower stall
a place to take a shower. You cannot sit in it because it's not a bathtub.
in the whole state (Minnesota, for example)

"I think Ms. Lund is the coolest teacher, _____________!" said Stephany.
a round part on a piece of equipment that you turn to operate something: such as a : a round control on a radio or television that you use to select a station or channel or to make the volume louder or quieter.
needing or using serious and proper clothes and manners; the opposite of casual
to make a lot of small movements because you are nervous, bored, etc., to move or act in a nervous or restless way

"He was constantly __________ing in his chair."
to say (something) in a loud or angry whisper
to stand out in curls that are not smooth

"The hair on the left side of this woman's head is very __________. The right side is very smooth."
a kind of vegetable, a long skinny green squash
extreme mental or physical pain

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