Google Link Sharing: Which Link to Link?


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A small team of curriculum writers is developing a new unit for next year. Only three people will need access to the content; it's not yet ready to be shared with the CFB community or the world!
Specific People:
Access by invitation only
An administrator is sharing a sign-up sheet with staff at multiple CFBISD campuses for an after school learning activity. He would like to send an email with a description of the opportunity and a link to the sign up.
Anyone at CFBISD with the Link:
Only those with access via Drive or via the link who are logged in with a CFB account
A collection of benefits resources is being shared via Google with CFBISD staff and the benefits department would like them to be searchable for CFBISD staff only.
Anyone at CFBISD can access if they search for content within our domain
You are presenting at a state conference and would like to share your presentation with your audience, but would prefer not to have it searchable online.
Anyone With the Link:
Anyone, even users outside of CFBISD, can view if they have access via the link
A student wants to publish their high school portfolio to the web for college admissions teams to search for and review online.
Public on the Web:
Anyone on the internet can search for and access your content