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  1. Striated duct, probably submandibular gland, because it is predominantly serous but has mucus too
  2. A: serous; B: mucus
  3. Organ: Ear
    Structure: Cochlea
    A: Modiolus
    B: pocket of spiral ganglion in the modiolus
  4. Toungue a. Intrinsic muscles
    b. Lingual glands
    c. Serous glands of von ebner
    d. strat. Squamous mucosal epithelium
    e. Circumvallate papillae
  5. a. Ganglion cell layer
    b. Inner plexiform layer
    c. Inner nuclear layer
    d. Outer plexiform layer
    e. Outer nuclear layer
    f. Photo receptor layer
    g. Fovea centralis
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

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  1. Organ: EYE
    A- anterior limiting layer
    B- lens capsule
    C- Lens Fibers
    D- Lens Epithelium
    E. Posterior Epithelium
    F. Iris
    G. Muscle Layer


  2. Organ: pituitary gland


  3. Organ: pituitary gland


  4. Labial Gland, secretes mucus


  5. Circumvallate papillae
    A: Moat
    B: Taste Buds
    C. Lamina Propria Core
    D: Serous Glands of Von Ebner