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  1. A: pulp cavity
    B: odontoblasts
    C: Predentin
    D: Dentinal Tubules
    E: Dentin
  2. a. Ganglion cell layer
    b. Inner plexiform layer
    c. Inner nuclear layer
    d. Outer plexiform layer
    e. Outer nuclear layer
    f. Photo receptor layer
    g. Fovea centralis
  3. Organ: old pineal gland
    Three structures present: pinealocytes, glial cells, brain sand
  4. Organ: Ear
    A: semicircular duct
  5. Demo: pituitary gland
    Look for the subdivisions of the pituitary gland.
    Pars Tuberalis=PT,
    Pars Distalis=PD,
    Pars Nervosa=PN,
    E. Pas Intermedia=PI.
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

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  1. Organ: EYE
    A- anterior limiting layer
    B- lens capsule
    C- Lens Fibers
    D- Lens Epithelium
    E. Posterior Epithelium
    F. Iris
    G. Muscle Layer


  2. Forming tooth; micro slide says Cervical Loop (where two layers make a sharp bend)


  3. A: Dentin
    B: Gingival sulcus
    D: Peridontal ligament
    E: Dental Pulp
    F: Alveolar Bone


  4. labial gland, mostly mucus but some serous
    structure and its secretions?


  5. Organ: old pineal gland
    Large arrows: pinealocytes
    Small arrows: glial cells
    Black blobs: brain sand