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  1. Organ: thyroid
    Arrows: parafollicular "C-cells"
  2. A: serous; B: mucus
  3. Organ: EAR
    Big Circle: bony outline
    Small circle: organ of chordi
    A: Scala vestibuli, perilymph
    B: Scala media, endolymph
    C: Scala tympani, perilymph
    D: Reissner's Membrane= Roof
    E: SG: bone (osseous spiral ligament)
  4. labial gland, mostly mucus but some serous
  5. Organ: eye
    Structure: Canal of schlemm
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e
    structure and its secretions?

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  1. Organ: pituitary gland


  2. Organ: parathyroid
    Black arrows: chief cells
    Blue arrows: oxyphils


  3. Demo: pituitary gland
    Look for the subdivisions of the pituitary gland.
    Pars Tuberalis=PT,
    Pars Distalis=PD,
    Pars Nervosa=PN,
    E. Pas Intermedia=PI.


  4. A. Sclerea
    C. Retinal pigmented epithelium
    D. Rods and cones
    E. Outer limiting membrane
    F. Outer Nuclear Layer
    G. Outer plexiform layer
    H. Inner nuclear layer
    I. Inner plexiform layer
    J. Ganglion cell layer
    K. Optic nerve
    L. Internal limiting membrane


  5. Organ: parathyroid gland
    Black arrows: oxyphil cells