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  1. A: Stellate reticulum
    B: stratum intermedium
    C: ameloblasts
    D: Dentin
    E: odontoblasts
    F: Outer enamel epithelium
  2. Parotid Gland, A: serous acini B: adipose cells
  3. Organ: anterior pituitary gland
    A: acidophils
    B: basophils
  4. Organ: thyroid gland
    Arrows: parafollicular cells, or "C-cells"
  5. arrow: anterior chamber; arrowhead: posterior chamber; curved arrow: iris
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  3. c
  4. d
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  1. dentinal tubules
    Part on left part of screen?


  2. sublingual gland, due to mostly mucus


  3. Organ: thyroid gland


  4. Demo: pituitary gland
    Look for the subdivisions of the pituitary gland.
    Pars Tuberalis=PT,
    Pars Distalis=PD,
    Pars Nervosa=PN,
    E. Pas Intermedia=PI.


  5. Organ: EAR Arrow: Tectoral membrane, shrunkened and curled, would normally be fused over sensory hair cells A: Inner region B: Outer region C: Hair cells (singular) D: Phalangeal cells E: Tunnel of Corti F: Spiral Lamina G: Pillar cells, Forms the tunnel of corti